Yellow Submarine - Glamping in a Steampunk MachineYellow Submarine  

The Beatles, one of the most famous rock bands in history, have influenced pop culture for over eight decades. Their popularity transcended any previous boundaries between music and art.

Yellow Submarine, the whimsical song about an underwater utopia, has many interpretations. In the late 1960s, demonstrators against the Vietnam War believed the song had more merit despite being considered a happy children's song. Moreover, Time magazine interpreted it as a "symbol of the psychedelic set's desire for escape."

No matter which version you can relate to, Yellow Submarine had a massive impact on pop culture. One of The Beatles' biggest hits has inspired books, furniture, clothes, stamps, architecture, and even hotels.

An example is the Yellow Sub in Liverpool - a one-of-a-kind 80-foot floating hotel by hotelier Alfie Bubbles. This unique accommodation was made possible when Bubbles purchased the boat featured in the 1990 thriller The Hunt for Red October from Paramount Pictures.

And now, there is another one in the United Kingdom, and it's even quirkier.

Type: Boat

The newest Yellow Submarine-inspired creation has a fascinating story. This unique bright yellow boat was originally designed to serve as a lifeboat on a ship.

However, during a raid by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean on the Tanker Ship Northsea Pioneer, it was stolen by the attackers. Years later, the SS Jackie lifeboat was found adrift in a strait between the Isle of Wight and mainland Great Britain.

Yellow Submarine Glamping at Petruth Paddocks

Andy Barton, the fortunate new owner of the lifeboat, had a unique vision for its use beyond life-saving. It took six months to transform it into a submarine-themed sleeper for four people, retaining most of its original features while adding a new heating system for chilly days.

SS Jackie Lifeboat

A former lifeboat turned into a yellow submarine parked in the middle of a grass field. A pretty psychedelic sight!

SS Jackie Lifeboat Front

The grounded submarine sits in the English countryside at the Petruth Paddocks campsite. Accommodation options on site include Shepherd's huts, a powered bell tent, gypsy bowtops, an American school bus, and the newly added Yellow Submarine.

Yellow Submarine Entrance

The entrance is through a submarine-style bulkhead door fitted with a peephole to see if it's your drunk friends or just cows making weird sounds outside.

Yellow Submarine Submarine-Style Bulkhead Door

The steampunk interior features many original bits, like pipes, dials, gauges, meters, and metalwork.

Yellow Submarine Steampunk Interior

Under the instrument panel, a kitchenette was fitted, so you have a place to prep your own food.

Yellow Submarine Kitchen

The cockpit has a large "leak detection" red alarm next to the wheel.

Yellow Submarine Cockpit

Parents of young children can enjoy some peaceful moments while their little ones try out all the cool gadgets on the safe boat.

Yellow Submarine Wheel

A double bed is in the back, plus two bunk beds allow for a cozy sleep for four people.

Yellow Submarine Double Bed & Sofa
Yellow Submarine Hotel Interior

Steampunk is mixed with maritime details, like the small rounded windows.

Yellow Submarine Rounded Windows

Hopefully, the pipe called "wine supply input" does its job because if yes, then it's one of the finest inventions in the hospitality business. Who needs running water when can you have "running" wine?

Yellow Submarine Wine Supply Input

Andy Barton plans to bring the Yellow Submarine (and the two school buses) to the Glastonbury festival and make it available as a premium accommodation for partygoers.

Yellow Submarine & Green Field
Yellow Submarine & Petruth Paddocks Camp View
Labourham Drove, Cheddar BS27 3FS, United Kingdom