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The aviation industry makes an ever larger impact on our global emissions. So experts and politicians are trying to find greener travel forms in these challenging times.

With the renaissance of the night train across Europe, there is little talk about something equally important.

CO2 reduction of ferries compared to flying is substantial. They emit 19g of CO2e per kilometer compared to 154g for the average short-haul flight passenger. It's an 88% reduction in carbon footprint.

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Air Travel Alternatives

Most of us are very familiar with uncomfortable overnight bus trips. The seats would barely recline, and the seating position becomes bothersome from the first moment after entering the bus.

And the experience doesn't get any better when you think about stretching out. Going for a walk or getting some food is not an option.

Bathroom? You would be lucky to fit your body inside if there is one at all.

Trains, on the other hand, are much more promising on paper. But the reality is somewhat different than the dreamy pictures of royal journeys like Belmond's or Japan's futuristic night trains with private suites with rounded panoramic windows pop into your mind.

European trains are typically six-bed cabins with barely any space to climb into your place. Still, at least you can walk in the aisle or get some food in the spacious dining car.

Pearl Seaway DFDS Ship

Boat Hotel

Scandinavia's geography is very varied, and most often than not, you will need to take a cruise to your destination. For example, DFDS offers ferries between Copenhagen and Oslo on the North Sea through the Skagerrak strait.

The cruise connects the two Scandinavian capital cities and transports you overnight to a new world. The comfortable ferry has premium-class rooms.

Crown Seaways DFDS Ship

In the morning, you can get a freshly made barista coffee from Coffee Crew and sit in an art deco-inspired interior next to floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the cold waves of the North Sea.

DFDS Ferry Coffee Crew

The 7 Seas Restaurant has an all-you-can-eat buffet with a mix of hot and cold starters, main dishes, and desserts.

At the time of publishing, a breakfast buffet would cost you $21. It's a surprisingly good deal considering Scandinavian prices.

DFDS Ferry 7 Seas Restaurant

Little Italy has freshly baked pizzas on hot stones and classic plates of pasta.

Little Italy Restaurant on the DFDS Ferry

And if you would like a fancy dining experience, head to the Explorer Restaurant, where a master chef prepares vegetarian, seafood, and meat dishes.

DFDS Ferry Explorer Restaurant's Chef

Here, the best raw ingredients are cooked, baked, and roasted to perfection, served with fresh garnish and a matching glass of fine wine.

DFDS Ferry Explorer Restaurant

Take one of the sea-view tables for a complete cruise dining experience.

DFDS Ferry Sea View Fine Dining

Inside the large ship are standard and economy class rooms with no windows. But if you can afford it, the ones to go for are the Commodore cabins.

It's worth the extra cost because crossing from Copenhagen to Oslo takes about 19 hours.

DFDS Ferry Commodore Cabin

These luxurious double bedrooms have sea-view windows, and one type of de-luxe cabin even has a private balcony. The room interiors represent the typical understated Scandinavian luxury.

DFDS Ferry Sea View Bedroom

If you book a Commodore cabin, you will have access to a private lounge, and just like at a luxury hotel, room service is provided.

DFDS Ferry Room Service

So, you can sip on expensive Champagne while gazing at the sun setting on the harsh waters of the North Sea.

Sea view room on board the DFDS ferry

Each ferry between Copenhagen and Oslo is equipped with one or two pools and one or two jacuzzis, depending on whether you boarded the Crown Seaways or the Pearl Seaways ship.

Bubble Zone spa on board of a DFDS ferry from Oslo to Copenhagen

There is also a mixed-gender sauna in the Bubble Zone spa, and don't be surprised that the changing rooms are unisex too.

DFDS ferry indoor jacuzzi

If you board the Pearl Seaway ship, the sun deck in the front part is where the outdoor pool and hot tubs are.

DFDS ferry outdoor jacuzzi

You can soak in the pool and the panoramic views simultaneously.

DFDS ferry outdoor jacuzzi with sea view

The sun deck is great for casual walks and stretching out a bit. It's like a seaside promenade that moves, and so does the scenery, so even though you walk the same path, the sight changes. Brilliant!

DFDS ferry viewing terrace

And while you are on the sun deck, you can take Titanic-style selfies. Just watch out for the icebergs!

DFDS ferry Titanic-style panoramic terrace

The sun deck transforms into a sunset deck in the evening, and you can experience the magical Northern spectacle before returning to your comfy room.

North Sea view from a boat
Akershusstranda 31, 0150 Oslo, Norway