Wikkelboats - Floating Cardboard Houses In RotterdamWikkelboats  

The Rijnhaven, with its floating forest and the iconic Rijnhaven Bridge, is one of the oldest ports of the Nieuwe Maas River, dating back to 1895. Wikkelboats launched a small hotel with just four tiny floating houses in this quirky part of Rotterdam. The sustainable water houses offer unique accommodation for visitors looking for something special. They are mostly recycled corrugated fiberboard sheets (commonly known as cardboards), resulting in surprisingly good noise and heat isolation. In combination with the air conditioning, you'll never be too hot or cold. Smart tech is all around, from the digital entrance to smart lighting to make your stay more avant-garde.

The interior spaces were designed to be used as meeting or lounge areas during the day, and they can sleep up to 8 people per boat using retractable beds. There is a proper bathroom on board, with a shower and a toilet, just like any hotel. In each boat, you'll find two bedrooms and a fully functional kitchen. The large glass front opens up to a fantastic riverside terrace reserved exclusively for you. Slow down and pleasure up with a cup of coffee in the morning while you take in the fresh breeze of the river and the sight of the awakening city. Opt for the houseboat with a spa, and you will have your own jacuzzi on the terrace. How cool is that! I'm sure you are wondering if these boats can sail. The answer is yes, but you will not be allowed to, sorry!

Wikkelboats In The Red Apple Marina

Wikkelboat At Night

Wikkelboat HDR

Wikkelboat Lounge

Wikkelboat Kitchen

Wikkelboat Bedroom

Wikkelboat Living Room

Wikkelboat Large Glass Front Facing The Terrace

Wikkelboat Outdoor Jacuzzi On The River

Rotterdam Riverside

Modern Skyline Of Rotterdam

Wijnhaven 2 Dockside, Centrum, 3011 WP Rotterdam, Netherlands