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Going off the grid is today's hype and a natural evolution of human civilization into self-sustainability. So producing your own energy by going off-grid is great, but how about going off-land?

Yes, the Australian Lilypad, about an hour north of Sydney, has just done that. They took a cute cottage, packed it with solar panels, and made it float on the beautiful waterways of Palm Beach.

The concept is the brainchild of designer and engineer Chuck Anderson, and since its appearance on the waters in 2018, it has astounded all bystanders.

Photos by @_jampal

For two years, it was a VIP getaway for a selected few until an unfortunate turn of events burned down the property in 2020.

Lilypad Palm Beach

After that, Lilypad got a redesign with fresh ideas, and it came back better than ever - and, most importantly - available for anyone who wants to experience spending the night in a floating house.

Lilypad Palm Beach Floating House

Aptly named after the beautiful lilypads, the two-story villa has a permanent location in a marina protected against wind and waves.

Lilypad Palm Beach House On Water

The classic Scandinavian-shaped building is full of Mediterranean details, from the solar panel-filled rooftop to the cactus on the terrace and the fancy outdoor shower.

However, there is another detail that will remind you of the Northern-European lifestyle. The outdoor infrared sauna opens to the shower, and for a classic Finnish experience, you can jump straight into the water.

It's equally refreshing and healthy for your body as the water's temperature varies between 21 degrees Celsius during summer and 17 during winter.

Lilypad Palm Beach Outdoor Terrace With Stand Up Paddle Boards

You don't have to worry about the food either. When you book your stay, you can choose from chef-prepped gourmet meals like pokè bowls and their combination with high-quality wines.

In addition, there is an onboard wine cellar, so you don't have to fear running out of alcohol-infused grape juice.

Lilypad Palm Beach Interior

You can also have fresh ingredients and cook your own food or get one of the best local restaurants pre-booked.

Lilypad Palm Beach Cream-Colored Interior

The cottage's interior is warm and welcoming with its beautiful sandy tones, handcrafted furniture, and cozy timber beams.

Lilypad Palm Beach Bedroom

The cream-colored living space was made even cozier by the addition of an open-plan fireplace.

It's a handy feature if it rains outside and you prefer to spend the day in bed observing and listening to how the rainfall touches the surface of the Tasman Sea.

Lilypad Palm Beach Sunlit Living Room

Lilypad Palm Beach Terrace

While Lilypad is designed to host two people comfortably, you can share a meal on board the floating house with fifteen other people upon a special request.

Lilypad Palm Beach Terrace BBQ Grill

The wraparound deck is perfect for daydreaming while getting a nice tan and enjoying spectacular sunsets on water level with a quality glass of Australian wine.

Lilypad Palm Beach Deck Sun Lounging

You can dip in the fresh waters of the Tasman Sea whenever you like or go on a discovery trip on one of the stand-up paddleboards.

Lilypad Palm Beach Dip In The Sea

Lilypad's inflatable boat allows reaching nearby private beaches, where you can take your chef-made food for a picturesque sunset picnic.

Lilypad Palm Beach Solar Panel Roof And Private Boat

1017 Barrenjoey Rd, Palm Beach NSW 2108, Australia