Xandari Riverscapes - Slow-Flow Traditional Boat Trip On Kerala's BackwatersXandari  

Travelers worried about India's infamous strong experience should turn their attention to the Southern state of Kerala. It can be described as the gateway drug to India.

It's one of the cleanest parts of the country with lush greenery, gorgeous mountains, pristine rain forests, wide open beaches, and stunning architecture. The tropical paradise is also home to some unique mini cruises.

Xandari Riverscapes has nine traditional houseboats called "kettuvallam". These uniquely-shaped boats have thatched roof covers over wooden hulls.

The houseboats cruise along the picturesque backwaters of Kerala. Blue lagoons, breathtaking lakesides, and palm-fringed canals.

Type: Boat   Nature
Location: Alleppey  India  South Asia
Xandari Riverscapes On The Backwaters Of Kerala

The magical trip on Kerala's traditional boats will take you down on picturesque backwaters, canals, and small streams.

Xandari Riverscapes Traditional Houseboat Cruise

The cruise takes you along some remote parts of Kerala, where you can observe the daily life of locals as the boat moves slowly on the blue waters.

Xandari Riverscapes Traditional River Cruise

The houseboat captains have decades of experience and know their way around the open waters. They can tell you intricate stories of how locals live by the riverside settlements.

Xandari Riverscapes Traditional Bamboo Houseboat

More than 900 kettuvallams cruise down the backwaters of Kerala and used for promoting Kerala tourism

Xandari Riverscapes Houseboat Corridor

Depending on the size of the "kettuvallams", they are equipped with one, two, or three air-conditioned bedrooms.

Xandari Riverscapes Houseboat Hotel Bedroom With Large Window Overlooking Kerala's Wild Nature

During your stay, you can watch the natural landscape pass by through the large windows of your room.

Xandari Riverscapes Houseboat Front Open Viewing Deck

But even better, you can head to the open front of the boat, where the viewing deck can be found. In this open space, you can have an unobstructed view of the surroundings from a comfy patio filled with pillows.

Xandari Riverscapes Houseboat Comfy Open Air Viewing Deck

The onboard chef comes from the local community and has a vast knowledge about the land and what grows on it. Hence, you can expect the cruise to be a gastronomical experience too.

Xandari Riverscapes Houseboat Chill

The slow-flowing houseboat cruise is for those who seek to slow down and de-stress from everyday life.

Xandari Riverscapes Houseboat Natural Materials

Their construction solely uses bio-degradable materials, such as bamboo poles, coconut fiber, ropes, and even bamboo mats. Apart from the eco-friendly structure, the interiors are also furnished with natural materials.

Canoe Ride In Kerala

If you want a closer look at Kerala's wilderness, you can jump from the houseboat onto a small canoe and see nature up close.

Canoe Ride In Kerala's Backwaters

Xandari Riverscapes Houseboat Sunset View

The magical sunsets above the backwaters will create some fond memories.

Near Pallathuruthy Bridge, 688003 Alleppey, India