Fabriken Furillen – Fans Of The Killing Take NoteFabriken  

A former limestone quarry, this privately owned boutique hotel has been a labor of love for the family that owns it. The idea was to make the structure as simple as possible so as not to detract from the stunning surroundings of Gotland, Sweden’s largest island and home to Visby a historic town from Viking days.

Huge windows feature in all the rooms and the hotel’s restaurant offers you wilderness views while you crunch on bread baked in the hotel’s own ovens. Its Swedish minimalism and stunning location attract visitors from all over Europe. Special ‘Hermit Huts’ are situated further out in the wilderness and are available for guests who want to experience nature at a pace not dictated by human timetables. There are wood-burners throughout the hotel and the restaurant serves a delicious raw and cooked Swedish fare. The ubiquitous Swedish sauna is also available for your wellbeing.

Type: Design   Industrial   Island
Location: Larbro  Sweden  West Europe
Fabriken Furillen industrial hotel
Fabriken Furillen and fire
Fabriken Furillen in the winter
Fabriken Furillen and a caravan
Fabriken Furillen hotel
Fabriken Furillen hotel interior
Fabriken Furillen interior design
Fabriken Furillen wine cellar
Fabriken Furillen celebration with champagne
Fabriken Furillen open hotel room
Fabriken Furillen room
Fabriken Furillen room with open door
Fabriken Furillen hotel room with fireplace
Fabriken Furillen wooden hotel room
Fabriken Furillen private terrace for the room
The dirt roads leading to Fabriken Furillen
The old mine and the sea at sunset
Private airplane landed on the shore of Gotland
Rute Furilden 870, 624 58 Lärbro, Sweden