Fairmont Doha - Ultra-Luxury Inside The Crossing SwordsFairmont Doha  

Qatar's capital is an important business center in the Middle East and a trending destination for those looking for sleek modern architecture, luxury shopping, and a high-end lifestyle.

If Doha is to compete with its nearby rival, Dubai, it must come up with evenly visually intriguing buildings. And the recently opened Fairmont Doha has accepted the challenge and exceeded it.

The five-star, ultra-luxurious hotel is inside the 692.3 feet (211 meters) tall Katara Towers. The new landmark building opened during the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

Type: Luxury   Skyscraper
Location: Doha  Qatar  Middle East
Fairmont Doha in the Katara Towers

The building's architecture represents a blend of traditional Arabic culture and modernity.

Katara Towers, Marina District Lusail City, Doha, Qatar

The striking architecture of the building takes inspiration from the two crossed swords on Qatar's coat of arms. The unique shape instantly became a landmark of the Doha coastline's skyline.

Fairmont Doha Lobby

The grand chandelier will take your breath away when you enter the hotel's lobby.

Fairmont Doha Lobby World's Tallest Chandelier

The world's tallest chandelier measures 187 feet (57 meters), and its countless whitewashed bulbs light up in different colors.

Fairmont Doha Lobby Kawai Acoustic Piano

Accompanied by a Kawai acoustic piano, it's quite the sight, especially during the evening.

Fairmont Doha Lounge

Fairmont Doha Luxury Food

There are five venues for dining, including a Parisian-style tea lounge in the hotel's Dôme.

Fairmont Doha Lounge Sofas

Fairmont Doha Bar

Fairmont Doha Restaurant

The exotically named Provok 'Puraseh' restaurant has a fire and ice theme and serves classic dishes from the Far East.

While you try some Japanese culinary specialties, you can enjoy the spectacular panorama of Doha from the restaurant's Sky Balcony.

Fairmont Doha Suite

The 362 elegantly-styled rooms and suites have delicate details of Middle Eastern heritage and spectacular sea views.

Fairmont Doha Room

Fairmont Doha Sea View Suite

Fairmont Doha Bathroom

The bathrooms are decorated with 18k gold tiles in the proper Middle Eastern style.

Fairmont Doha Sea View Corner

Marina District Lusail City, 6th street, Lusail, Doha, Qatar