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The Tower

Japan doesn't shy away from weird and quirky concepts, and Hoshino Resorts' countryside resort is no exception. You would expect a farm stay to have cottages and maybe luxurious tents. But not here.

Tomamu the Tower is a set of skyscrapers amid pristine nature. Tomamu consists of two buildings, and Risonare is right behind with two more towers. In reality, this strange setting, combining tall towers next to farmland, works flawlessly.

Location: Tomamu  Japan  East Asia

Photo credit: Hoshino Resorts

The hotel skyscrapers' footprint is so small that hundreds of people can stay in comfy rooms while the rest of the land is kept intact. It seems building sky high is not only worth it if the land is as expensive as in Manhattan.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel During Autumn

The resort attracts adventure-seeking visitors who like to go skiing, fishing, rafting, canoeing, playing golf, and doing hot-air balloon rides.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel Outdoor Spaces

There is an ice chapel and a chapel on the water. Whichever unique setting you choose, your wedding will be pretty memorable.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel Chapel On Water

The apparent advantage of a tower is the view you get from the higher floors. Additionally, there are no nearby buildings, so you get an unobstructed view of Hokkaido's mountains and forests.

There are three room types; standard, family, and mamarakuda - a baby-save room for families with small kids.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel Twin Bed Suite

The cozy living room lets you chill by the floor-to-ceiling windows or even dip in the jacuzzi while having a scenic natural panorama.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel Quint Room

Some rooms were created with a wild imagination. The cloud-themed room, for example, has a centrally located hanging cocoon chair and fluffy clouds in all forms and shapes around it.

Quirky Japanese Room

The on-site wine house has plenty of options to get you tipsy.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel Wine House

Mina-Mina Beach

The indoor fun starts with a huge, 262 feet (80 meters) long wave pool at Mina-Mina Beach. The bright hangar-like building lets in plenty of light. The whitewashed metal frames give it a slightly industrial feel without being intrusive.

The poolside loungers, where you can slurp on some cold drinks, add to the holiday mood, even during a cold winter day. And the pool is so big that you can rent stand-up paddle boards and go for a ride.

Mina means smile in the Ainu language, and you are sure to have a grin on your face when you see waves coming towards you in an indoor pool, far away from a natural sea.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel Indoor Wave Pool

Kirin-no Yu is an open-air heated pool by the forest. You can soak in this tranquil environment while breathing in the crystal clear air of the Japanese countryside.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel Public Bath Kirin No Yu

Tomamu Farm

Unlike anything you have seen, the sky-high towers are neighboring traditional farms where you can get close to cows, sheep, goats, and horses. In addition, the Tomumu Pond is filled with fish, in case you are into fishing.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel Farm Area

Among tree stump chairs, hay bales, and hammocks, you can read your favorite book while goats and sheep are doing their business around you.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel Nap In A Hammock Among Sheep

Skiing in Tomamu

The Hoshino Resort gets you a free two-day ticket, even if you only stay for a night. So you can ski on the day of your arrival and when you check out. The beautiful ski slope is right by the hotel towers, so you can ski in and ski out.

Tomamu The Tower Hotel Snow Resort Skiing

Unkai Terrace

The spectacular viewing platform at an altitude of 3,570 feet (1,088 meters) on Mt. Tomamu can be reached by a 13-minute ride with the Unkai Gondola. The lift is free if you stay at Resonale Tomamu or The Tower.

The observation deck offers breathtaking views of Hokkaido and sometimes a sea of clouds.

Unkai Terrace In Hokkaido

Unkai terrace's viewing platform is a functional art installation. You can climb up on giant chairs to have a better view.

Unkai Terrace Tower Chairs

Then there is a hammock imitating panoramic deck that will attract curious crowds. Locals call it the "cloud pool".

Unkai Terrace Cloud Pool Panorama

And the artistic bridge shaped like a clover leaf lets you walk high above the ground while overlooking the valley below.

Unkai Terrace Cloud Walk Bridge
Nakatomamu, Shimukappu, Yufutsu District, Hokkaido 079-2204, Japan