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Arriving in a large city like Bogota - over 7 million inhabitants - you will face the inevitable dilemma of where to stay, having close to a thousand options. Luckily for you (and me), a chain called Spotty Hostels has created pretty much the perfect place, whether you are on a solo backpacking trip or a romantic getaway. Let me jump straight into the details below.

Bogota Centro Aerial


Bogotá Centro - as the name indicates - is located in the historic center, close to all the famous spots you would want to visit in the Colombian capital city. Plaza de Bolívar - the main square of Bogota -, Botero Museum, Modern Art Museum of Bogota (MAMBO), and La Candelaria - the city's historic and cultural neighborhood, are all around the corner.

Spotty Hostel Bogota 100-Meter Tall Mural

The Cool Factors

The hotel/hostel is inside a tower next to Colombia's tallest skyscraper, the BD Bacatá complex, the country's first crowdfunded skyscraper. Spotty's building is shorter but equally impressive, with its 328-foot (100-meter) tall mural decorating its facade. Thanks to the vertical construction, you will have an amazing view of the city from the rooms and especially from the rooftop terrace. Including the small pool and a jacuzzi. Not bad for a hostel!

Spotty Hostel Bogota Reception

Spotty Hostel Bogota Shared Kitchen With A View

Shared Kitchen

As in all the best hostels, you will also find a fully stocked, state-of-the-art kitchen here. So you can prepare your specialties here while having a pretty good view of Bogota.

Spotty Hostel Bogota Shared Kitchen

Spotty Hostel Bogota Laundry Room

Laundry Room

You'll be happy to know that all your triple-used t-shirts can be finally washed at Spotty. It's hassle-free, too, as you can do it yourself. There is no need to wait and worry that you will not get your clothes back in time or they'll shrink to half the size as they used the wrong setting.

Spotty Hostel Bogota Coworking Room


Digital nomads' favorite feature: the dedicated office. Yep, a cool shared space is available to all guests to work - or to brag to fellow travelers about how many digital followers you have.

Spotty Hostel Bogota Gym Boxing

Gym & Yoga Room

The workout facility is way cooler than in any regular hotel. You can practice boxing, and there is a separate space for yogis to perfect those asanas.

Spotty Hostel Bogota Yoga Room

Spotty Hostel Bogota Shared Bunk Bed Room

Room Types

If you are traveling solo and you would like to save, Spotty has mixed dorms with bunk beds that you can fully close with curtains. And they get the same super comfy mattresses as the private rooms.

Spotty Hostel Bogota Private Room

Or you can go on a splurge and have a room (and private bathroom!) for yourself or share it with a friend/partner. By splurge, I mean Manhattan-style panoramic views but for a fraction of the price as in New York City. Enjoying watching the city pulse from this height is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Spotty Hostel Bogota Premium Room With Bed In The Window

Spotty Hostel Bogota Bed Window Panorama

Spotty Hostel Bogota Bedroom City View

Spotty Hostel Bogota Bedroom Panorama

The beds are pressed to the edge of the window, creating a cozy reading nook with such an urban view of Bogota that you will not want to leave your room. But you should, because this gets better if you see what's on the rooftop.

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Spotty Hostel Bogota Window City & Mountain Panorama

Spotty Hostel Bogota Cinema Room

Fun & Entertainment

Spotty's strongest side is its vast choices for having fun. You'll find communal spaces with bean bags and suspended chairs, a gaming room with arcades and a pool/ping pong table, a cinema room with massive plush sofas, and of course, the rooftop with a bar and the pools - a swimming pool and a hot tub. It's also the place where they organize live music and wild parties.

Spotty Hostel Bogota Arcade Games

Spotty Hostel Bogota Pool Room

Spotty Hostel Bogota TV Room

Spotty Hostel Bogota Chill Room With Bean Bags And Hanging Chairs

Spotty Hostel Bogota Rooftop Bar

Spotty Hostel Bogota Rooftop Pool

Spotty Hostel Bogota Swimming Pool

Spotty Hostel Bogota Hot Tub

Spotty Hostel Bogota Rooftop Party

Spotty Hostel Bogota Rooftop Terrace City Panorama At Night

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