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Fujiya Ginzan

What makes this hotel so special is your host’s meticulous adherence to Japanese inn-keeping traditions; the aim of which is to anticipate and meet your needs before you are even aware of them yourself. Your hostess, Jeanie Fuji, is arguably the world’s best practitioner of the traditional Japanese art of hospitality. It has even gained her celebrity status in Japan which she accepts with demure modesty. The hotel is over 350 years old and has recently been updated to accommodate the needs of the international traveler without scrimping on traditional Japanese aesthetics. Layered bamboo screens majestically order the interior space while the light shines through many stained glass windows. Textured paper screens imbibe the areas with a sense of calm which you can enjoy before taking a dip in one of 5 natural spa pools fed by the areas famous, Ginzan Onsen (hot springs). There is even one on the roof offering you views of unprecedented beauty while you soak in the revitalizing waters. The philosophy of Fujiya Ginzan is to assist you in resting and restoring your holistic self. Prepare to leave with new levels of well being emanating through your body and mind.

443 Ginzanshinbata, Obanazawa, Yamagata Prefecture 999-4333, Japan
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