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Hollandia Hütte

Climb every mountain

This mountain hut is owned by the Swiss Alpine Club and lies 3240 metre above sea level overlooking a glacier pass. In order to get there, you have to hike across the glacier itself. Approach then, on the north side of the Lotschenlucke. The caretaker will see you from miles away, just specks on the epic whiteness so your welcome will be well prepared for. Perhaps have some fruit tea on arrival and warm up. The hut has recently been refurbished in new pine and kitted with eco-loos. There is room for up to seventy people in the spacious dormitories. The beds come with a douvet but, given the cold, it is essential to have a sleeping bag too. Most climbers bring their own but if you forget you can buy a disposable one from the hut. Breakfast and dinner is served and features plenty of protein-packed sustenance for the gripping day ahead.

Hollandia Hütte aerial view
Climbing expedition starting
Hollandia Hütte on the cliff
Hollandia Hütte
Hollandia Hut and the mountains
Hollandia Hut
Hollandia Hütte dormitory
Hollandia Hütte panorama photo
3919 Blatten, Switzerland
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