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Hotel Ještěd - Unique Futuristic Tower In The Czech MountainsHotel  

Situated in the northern mountains of the Czech Republic, Hotel Ještěd dominates the skyline of the Liberec region. Reaching an altitude over 1,000 meters, it has been a significant landmark and place of historical importance. The first monument was built at its summit in 1737, but today guests can now sleep and dine above the clouds.

Due to its unique design, architect Karel Hubáček received the Perret Prize, and the structure was declared a cultural monument in 1998. The overall aesthetics make it seem as if it belongs in a science fiction film, and the innovative design has combined a TV tower, hotel, and restaurant all in the same structure. Each room offers breathtaking views of nature around. You have your choice of a modern room or a more retro design, but breakfast will be included with the room rate no matter which you choose.

You will also receive complimentary tickets for the cable car, which will take you to the summit. It is easily accessible, but keep in mind it does not operate in inclement weather. Also, be sure to enjoy a meal in the circular restaurant, which boasts stunning views.

This rare find in Northern Bohemia allows you to experience an important piece of the country’s heritage while providing an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Ještěd aerial
Hotel Ještěd in the snow
Hotel Ještěd tower at night
Hotel Ještěd in the sunset
Hotel Ještěd hall
Hotel Ještěd hall with design swing chairs
Hotel Ještěd lounge
Hotel Ještěd restaurant
Hotel Ještěd restaurant table and chandeliers
Hotel Ještěd restaurant at bar with funky lights
Hotel Ještěd room
Hotel Ještěd bedroom with panoramic views
Hotel Ještěd design lit room
Cable car going up the Ještěd Mountain
Ještěd Mountain ski slope and cable car
Hotel Ještěd on the top of Ještěd Mountain
Liberec 153, 460 08 Liberec, Czech Republic
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