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Hotel Pilatus-Kulm - A Dragon-Ridden Mountaintop In SwitzerlandPilatus-Kulm  

Nope, this is not the home of the Pilates fitness cult but a place for adventures. This Alpine hotel was opened in 1890 and is over 2000 meters above sea-level. It is located on the Pilatus Mountain – one of the Alp’s most jagged and arresting peaks – near Lake Oberalp which is said to house the restless ghost of Pontius Pilate (the man who condemned Christ to the cross) who is said to rise every Good Friday to wash the blood from his hands.

Before the coming of Christendom, the mountain was home to dragons and its crags housed witches and ghosts. In today’s more scientific times, the crags and peaks are home to climbing enthusiasts who like to grip rock daily. But if that’s not your thing you will find it exhilarating just being there up above the clouds and you can visit the famous Klimsenhorn Chapel – a remote religious dwelling with an attached picnic spot.

Hotel Pilatus-Kulm panorama
Hotel Pilatus-Kulm on the peak
Hotel Pilatus-Kulm at night
Hotel Pilatus-Kulm
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Hotel Pilatus-Kulm meeting
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Winter lunch on the mountains
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Pilatus mountain views
6010 Alpnach, Lucerne, Switzerland
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