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Location: Gunma  Japan  East Asia
Houshi Onsen - Traditional Japanese LifestyleHoushi  

Located on the Houshi River in the Gunma Prefecture, the Houshi Onsen Chojukan is the epitome of a traditional ryokan where weary travels can experience Japanese hospitality. Built in 1875 at the source of the hot spring, the Chojukan is a secluded mountain getaway that offers majestic views an insight into the traditional Japanese lifestyle.

Modeled after original bathhouses, and adorned with photos of its famous historical guests, it almost feels as if you are stepping back through time. The communal areas boast a handsome wood d├ęcor and all guest rooms are furnished in the traditional Japanese style with woven-straw tatami mats, futon bedding, and a low table with seating cushions. Most rooms are equipped with modern electronics, but the oldest rooms appear just as they did when the ryokan first opened.

Toilets and bathing facilities are shared by all guests, which is fitting since the life of the hotel revolves around its amazing hot springs. The Chojukan offers both indoor and outdoor bathing areas for you to enjoy. Some areas are restricted by gender to offer a more private experience.

For those seeking to explore beyond the ryokan, there is world-class skiing throughout Gunma and the crafts village of Takumi-no-Sato only 20 minutes away. The Houshi Onsen Chojukan melds into the wooded slopes, offering a truly relaxing and unforgettable experience.

Houshi Onsen traditional Japanese ryokan
Houshi Onsen building
Houshi Onsen lounge
Houshi Onsen dining room
Houshi Onsen tatamis on the floor
Traditional Japanese cooking in sand
Houshi Onsen room with balcony
Houshi Onsen hot spring bath
Houshi Onsen thermal lake
Houshi Onsen
Nature walks around Houshi Onsen
379-1401 Gunma, Minakami, Nagai 650, Japan
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