Accommodation types: Mountain   Movie   Traditional
Location: Imlil  Morocco  Africa
Kasbah Du Toubkal - Moroccan Escape In The High Atlas MountainsKasbah  
du Toubkal

The Kasbah du Toubkal was conceived more as a Berber hospitality center than a hotel. It was designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable; 5% of all profits go directly to local villages making education a reality for the young people who live there. Originally, the summer home of a local tribal chief, you will wonder if there has been any modernization done at all as you enter this beautifully restored traditional building.

Set high in the Atlas Mountains, the views are to die for and every veranda calls you with its sun-dappled tables laid with the finest Moroccan cuisine. Your room is packed with rustic charm and everything is handcrafted by local artisans.

Perched on a dramatic mountain outcrop, Martin Scorsese used the hotel as the setting for a Buddhist Monastery in his film, Kundun. Only accessible through mule-carved pathways, the nighttime stillness is the perfect opportunity to regenerate and have some truly quiet me-time. In the daytime, there are plenty of opportunities to trek through the majestic Atlas Mountains. This unique place has won multiple awards and is an outstanding example of sustainable tourism. Even HRH Prince Charles noted their ‘excellent examples of good practice’.

Imlil Village, Marrakech, Asni BP31, Morocco
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