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King Pacific Lodge - Luxurious Floating Barge In The Great Bear RainforestKing Pacific  

Rainforests, they’re not just for tropical countries. There’s one in Canada too. Twenty-one million acres of it. There, you will find King Pacific, one of the new breeds of ‘eco-lodges’. Developers worked closely with local First Nation tribes in order to support the local economy. As a result, you can visit their remote villages (inaccessible by road) to discover a unique culture and place of spiritual significance.

Much care has been taken to eliminate the carbon and eco-footprint of the hotel so you can rest assured that it has a minimum impact on its environment. The hotel is actually a vast floating barge towed 116 miles (187 km) from its winter home to its summer location deep inside the Great Bear Rainforest.

Wilderness hiking and kayaking are tempting options, as are the sea and freshwater fishing excursions. Thrillingly, you can spot rare wildlife, from humpback whales to White Bears. In the evenings, you will have a rare opportunity for star-gazing, and the hotel will provide you with a powerful telescope to use out on the sun deck, which is also great for watching sunrises and sunsets.


Princess Royal Island, the home of King Pacific Lodge floating hotel.

Princess Royal Island, the home of King Pacific Lodge floating hotel
Arriving to Princess Royal Island by private airplane
King Pacific Lodge remote hotel on Princess Royal Island
King Pacific Lodge at night
King Pacific Lodge
King Pacific Lodge communal room
King Pacific Lodge restaurant
Fresh salmon dish
King Pacific Lodge fireplace
King Pacific Lodge room with wooden bed
King Pacific Lodge spa
King Pacific Lodge terrace to the nature
Yoga in the Canadian nature
Beach on Princess Royal Island
Kayaking in the Archie Lake
Hiking on the mountains
The view on Archie Lake and the mountains
Lake on the mountain
Seals on the rocks
Bear trying to catch fish
Tale of the whale
King Pacific Lodge being towed to it's new home
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