Kumbuk River Resort - Sleep In An Elephant’s BellyKumbuk River  

Located in Buttala, this eco-resort is the perfect base for exploring some of Sri Lanka’s amazing forests and wildlife.

Visit the nearby Yala Wildlife Reserve, home to elephants, peacocks, and other endangered species.

The area has been populated for over 9000 years and was once home to a sophisticated ancient civilization.

It was then the base of the famous Ruhuna Kingdom, and 1200 enlightened beings were said to live here, making it a site of pilgrimage for today’s Buddhists.

Elephant Villa

Kumbuk River Resort boasts a two-story primary villa in the shape of an elephant located on the banks of a pretty river. With room for only ten guests at any time, privacy is guaranteed.

Kumbuk River Elephant Villa

Take a dip in the fragrant herbal plunge pool and then learn about the environment and Sri Lanka's rich biodiversity.

Kumbuk River Resort Elephant Villa Night Sky

Waterfalls are nearby, as are beaches and Arugam Bay, one of the world’s best beaches for surfing.

Kumbuk River Resort Main Building Garden
Kumbuk River Resort Reception

The freshly opened coffee shop has hot beverages surrounded by the lush garden of Kumbuk River Resort.

Kumbuk River Resort Coffee Shop
Kumbuk River Resort Treehouse
Kumbuk River Resort Treehouse Interior
Kumbuk River Resort River View Room
Kumbuk River Resort Treehouse Room
Kumbuk River Resort Truck Treehouse
Kumbuk River Resort Truck Lodge
Kumbuk River Resort Room
Kumbuk River Resort Elephant Pier
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