LeapRus Eco Hotel - Capsule On The High Slopes Of Mount ElbrusLeapRus  
Eco Hotel

Situated 4000 meters above sea level, LEAPrus Eco Hotel is located on the slopes of Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe. A one of a kind eco-hotel, it offers astonishing panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks.

Designed by a team of Italian architects specializing in making accommodations for extreme environments like this, the station is made up of four prefabricated fiberglass tubes. While two blocks contain communal bedrooms and lounges, staff accommodation and a restaurant are present in the third, and toilets and showers are in the fourth.

Sporting plush and modern interiors, it makes use of cutting-edge technology to be energy efficient. Great emphasis has been given to making the hotel comfy and self-sufficient while offering modern amenities to visitors. The unique design and architecture blend elegance, functionality, and durability and are worth every praise heaped on it.

Present at dizzying heights and in an extreme climatic environment, the hotel boasts spectacular and otherworldly views of the northern Russian Caucasus. Commissioned by the North Caucasus Mountain Club, to promote tourism in these parts, the station is but the first step in promoting hospitality on Mount Elbrus.

LeapRus Eco Hotel on Mount Elbrus
LeapRus Eco Hotel capsules on Mount Elbrus
LeapRus Eco Hotel on Mount Elbrus in the evening
LeapRus Eco Hotel capsule close-up
LeapRus Eco Hotel Interior
LeapRus Eco Hotel Dining Room
LeapRus Eco Hotel Dining With Mountain Panorama
LeapRus Eco Hotel Bedroom With Bunk Beds
LeapRus Eco Hotel Bathroom
LeapRus Eco Hotel Rooftop With Solar Panels
Elbrus Mountain Panorama
Terskol, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Russia, 361616