AET & o3 Hotel - The Evolution Of The Japanese Capsule HotelAET Hotel  

Japan's evolutionary capsule hotel in Tokyo goes against boutique hotels with a rooftop pool and sauna and a panoramic view of the city's landmark building, the Tokyo Skytree.

Japan's passion for capsule hotels dates back to the 70s when the first ones appeared. At first, they were a necessary step towards affordable accommodation, mainly aimed at job-searching men and salarymen who worked long hours or went for drinks and missed their last train.

As the concept evolved, the focus shifted toward tourism, and capsule hotels started catering to both genders, although initially in a segregated version. The main reason behind it is the spa section whereby Japanese traditions people wear no clothes.

Type: Capsule
Location: Tokyo  Japan  East Asia

Like most buildings in Tokyo, AET hotel fits into a tight space, and its layout is smartly designed to give function to each square foot.

AET & o3 Hotel Building in Tokyo

The base is home to the drinking and dining quarters, while the next two floors house the quirky accommodations.

AET & o3 Hotel from the outside

AET's ground floor restaurant specializes in Wagyu beef, which the chefs serve for you on the wooden counter, along with a carefully selected Japanese sake or a glass of fine French wine.

AET & o3 Hotel glass door entrance

During the morning hours, the space changes into a mini barista café, and you will get freshly served artisan coffee.

AET & o3 Hotel kitchen

Behind the restaurant, there is a private space with a 16 feet (5 meters) long clay table.

AET & o3 Hotel lounge

While the hotel's restaurant represents traditional Japanese aesthetics, the private dining space is a gateway to modern Japan with its sleek design and minimalism.

AET & o3 Hotel dining room

Some hotels have seasonally changing dishes. The AET Hotel has seasonally changing art hanging from its walls in the private dining room.

AET & o3 Hotel co-working and art space

While the chef prepares the meal in the open kitchen, you can enjoy the view of the pop-art pieces and listen to the music selected to fit the experience.

AET & o3 Hotel contemporary Japanese art


The "o3" in the hotel's name stands for the entire capsule floor you can rent with eight sleeping compartments.

AET & o3 Hotel art works

It's an entire apartment that you can book with your friends/family, which consists of a living room and kitchen, sleeping compartments with tatami mats, three bathrooms, and two toilets.

AET & o3 Hotel eight-bed capsule room
AET & o3 Hotel Wall


The 753 square feet apartment for six is full of quirky details. The sleeping boxes in the open space are half-capsules, half-caves, with one stacked on the other.

AET Hotel Apartment

The bathrooms are equipped with intelligent digital mirrors and rainfall showers.

AET Hotel Apartment Bathroom
AET Hotel Apartment Shower

Unlike the hostels/capsule hotels you are used to, where the experience ends with a good night's sleep, this hotel has a rooftop terrace like boutique hotels.

AET Hotel Apartment Rooftop Terrace
AET Hotel Apartment Rooftop Terrace Hot Tub

AET Hotel is a few blocks from Tokyo's iconic tower. The extremely tall Tokyo Skytree stretches 2,080 feet (634 meters) into the sky and is visible throughout the city.

AET Hotel Apartment Rooftop Terrace Hot Tub Tokyo Skytree View

The rooftop terrace's sauna is a unique feature, as in most capsule hotels, the spa section is inside the building.

AET Hotel Apartment Rooftop Terrace Sauna

Here, you can relax in one of the sun loungers among the plants and enjoy the skyline view of Tokyo between spending time in the hot tub and the sauna.

AET Hotel Apartment Rooftop Terrace Greenery & Tokyo Skytree

When the night falls, the Tokyo Skytree's colorful lights come to life and brighten the city's sky.

AET Hotel Apartment Rooftop Terrace Hot Tub And Tokyo Skytree At Night
Japan, 〒131-0045 Tokyo, Sumida City, Oshiage, 3 Chome−25−17 Lohビル 1F