Capsule Inn Osaka - The First Capsule Hotel In The WorldCapsule Inn  

The first capsule hotel in the world, Capsule Inn Osaka (New Japan Umeda), opened in 1979 and has been enticing guests ever since. The capsule concept was the brainchild of Kisho Kurokawa. In 1972, he designed a residence called "capsule house K".

It was an early conceptualization of a revolutionary idea, which he later worked into a commercial version. And so, the world's first capsule hotel was born.

Sorry ladies, this accommodation is for men only. While many modern capsule hotels are co-ed, the original Capsule Inn Osaka – located in Japan – was intended for use by business people, and the tradition remains. So, men, you may wonder, what exactly is a capsule hotel?

Type: Capsule
Location: Osaka  Japan  East Asia

Well, they’re certainly not for the claustrophobic. The “wide” capsules are just 6.5 feet by 3 feet and just 2.5 feet high. These capsules also include small TVs, a light, an alarm clock, and outlets.

Capsule Inn Osaka

“Regular” capsules are even tinier! Bathrooms are shared, and luggage may be stored in lockers outside of the capsules.

Capsule Inn Osaka Reception

The Capsule Inn Osaka's designer was Kisho Kurokawa. He was a prominent Japanese architect and one of the founders of the post-war Japanese architectural movement, metabolism.

Capsule Inn Osaka / New Japan Umeda Bathroom

Capsule Inn's interior was renovated to give it a fresh look and be able to compete with new capsule hotels in Osaka.

Capsule Inn Osaka World's First Capsule Hotel

Today it goes by the name New Japan Umeda.

Capsule Inn Osaka Capsules

The led lights next to your capsule make it easier to find it, as they all look exactly the same.

Capsule Inn Osaka Capsule Close-Up Led Lights

Inside your pod, you can change the light, and there is a remote control for the TV.

Capsule Inn Osaka Capsule Room

Feeling a bit cramped after a night in such a tight space? Then, check out the Umeda Sauna New Japan, which is open 24/7.

Capsule Inn Osaka / New Japan Umeda Spa

But beware! If you’re about to don a towel and show some skin, you may want to cover up those tattoos– if you have any!

Capsule Inn Osaka / New Japan Umeda Spa Pool

That’s because tattoos have been widely stigmatized in Japan for their association with criminal gangs.

Capsule Inn Osaka / New Japan Umeda Spa Sauna Blue Lights

If you’re intrigued by these tiny quarters, the Capsule Inn will undoubtedly provide you with a good story and an experience like no other. Plus, it’s conveniently located just feet from the Umeda Subway Station and the famous HEP Five shopping center.

Capsule Inn Osaka / New Japan Umeda Spa Sauna

Showcasing over forty years of design history of the world's first capsule hotel, Capsule Inn Osaka.

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Over forty-year history of the world's first capsule hotel, Capsule Inn Osaka

9-5 Doyamacho, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0027, Japan