Petra Capsules Hostel - Panoramic Sleeping PodsPetra Capsules  

The capsule hotel craze has reached Petra, Jordan's most popular tourist site.

The hostel is in the heart of the new town, Wadi Musa, right next to the 5th century BC capital of the Nabataean Kingdom.

The location makes it perfect for an overnight stay to discover the ancient history of Petra and its majestic architecture.

Before you head out for a long day of walking, the hostel also provides a complimentary continental breakfast. The ancient site of Petra is only a 15-minute walk from the hostel, and once you are back, there are plenty of dining options around.

Type: Capsule   Hostel
Petra Capsules Hostel Reception And Lounge

So what's different here? At first, it seems like a regular hostel with some private rooms and bunk bed options.

Petra Capsules Hostel Bedrooms

But at a closer look, you'll find that the shared rooms have single and double occupancy capsules, many of which have top-to-bottom windows.

Petra Capsules Hostel Private Double Room

Private Double Room

Petra Capsules Hostel Dormitory Capsules

Petra Capsules Hostel Reading Corner

Petra Capsules Hostel Single Pods

Petra Capsules Hostel Colorful Led Lights

The cozy pods with wooden finish have curtains for added privacy. Each sleeping pod comes with a flat-screen TV, phone charging points, USB ports, and free WiFi.

Petra Capsules Hostel Single Occupancy Pod

Single Capsule

Petra Capsules Hostel Double Capsule

Double Panoramic Capsule

There is a corner capsule with two glass walls, offering panoramic views of Wadi Musa and the magical landscape of Petra.

Petra Capsules Hostel Double Occupancy Pod

Petra Capsules Hostel Panoramic View

Petra Capsules Hostel Girl In The Bed Enjoying The Panorama

Queen Rania St Petra 11073, Wadi Musa, Jordan