The Green Marmot - Capsule Hotel In Zürich's Old TownGreen Marmot  
Capsule Hotel

Switzerland's latest capsule hotel is located in the country's largest city. Green Marmot is the first capsule hotel in the heart of Zürich.

The Swiss town always takes a top place in the world's most expensive places to live list.

Most recently, it ranked 6th on ECA International's annual list that calculates daily living expenses, including rent, food, and the price of public transportation.

Type: Capsule

Inevitably the property costs trickle down into the hospitality business, and a night at a hotel will cost an arm and a leg.

Additionally, Zürich's ever-growing population needs more and more housing. But strict building rules and timely construction permits are not helping ease the pressure.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Building

The ingenious Japanese invention of capsule hotels solves both of these problems. A single room holds more beds than a whole floor in a typical hotel.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Reception

And presto, there is a solution for the lack of space and affordability. A night at the Green Marmot in Zürich's old town can cost you as little as $49 (at the time of writing - December 2022).

To put things into perspective, this is the price of a lunch in Zürich at a cheap restaurant.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Communal Space With A Coffee Machine

The shared bathrooms are gender segregated and look as if someone multiplied a regular hotel bathroom in Photoshop.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Shared Bathroom

So, the quality is on par with a hotel rather than a hostel.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Shower

The capsules are split between male, female, and couple/group areas.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Capsule Room

There is a clever feature unseen in hostels (although it should be standard). Just like in a clothes store, there is a fitting room sheltered by a dark curtain.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Privacy Curtain For Changing Cloths

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Capsules

Green Marmot has single and double capsules. They are long enough even for very tall people, as the bed extends to 7 feet (2.12 meters), while the dual capsule offers space for two expanding on a 5.9 feet (1.79 meters) wide mattress.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Double Capsule

Space saving doesn't mean ignoring Swiss quality standards. The Green Marmot capsules are equipped with high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets, and the walls are made of eco-friendly natural wood.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Capsule Bed

Inside your capsule, there is a small mirror, lightning, and a folding table. The WiFi works as usual, and all capsules are air-conditioned.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Capsule Girl With Laptop

The easy-access pod is targeted at people with special needs. Beside the bed, there is an extra private space protected by a curtain.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Easy Access Pod

The capsule room is connected to a private balcony that overlooks the old town of Zürich.

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Balcony

Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Balcony Old Town View

Zürich Old Town Street

Green Marmot is in the heart of Zürich's old town and steps away from the lakeside promenade.

Zürich Old Town Aerial

Schifflände, Rössligasse 26, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland