Panda Pod Hotel - Cute & Cozy Capsules In VancouverPanda Pod  

Vancouver's property prices became a well-known phenomenon when average apartments started costing millions. Canada proposed a two-year ban on buying real estate for foreigners to try and stop this trend.

Thus we arrived at the brilliant capsule hotel concept that solves the aforementioned problem and which we dearly love for its practicality and affordability.

The Panda Pod Hotel is Vancouver's first venture into the world of cozy capsules (Canada’s first capsule hotel was the vibrant Pangea Pod).

Not only cozy but cute, too, thanks to the panda theme. The concept is a brainchild of the proudly Canadian woman-owned business.

The hotel is a few blocks from the Richmond–Brighouse SkyTrain rapid transit system to take you directly to downtown Vancouver.

And if you are an aviation fan, you'll be happy to hear that the capsule hotel is a stone's throw away from the Vancouver International Airport, and it's a perfect spot for plane spotting.

Type: Capsule
Panda Pod Hotel Main Entrance

At first sight, Panda Pod Hotel looks like some garage where cars are pimped with cute animal stickers and painted in bright colors.

Panda Pod Hotel Reception

But when you enter the reception, you will find warm hospitality instead of mechanics in overalls with oily hands.

Panda Pod Hotel Mini Lounge

Panda Pod Hotel Front Hall

Panda Pod Hotel Room Entrance

You must be at least 18 years old to stay here.

Panda Pod Hotel Capsule Room

The rooms are filled with double-decker sleeping pods.

Panda Pod Hotel Pods

Make sure to express your preference during booking, whether you like to be on top or bottom. The pod hotel is not for everyone, however.

Panda Pod Hotel Digital Storage

Clever storage space is allocated for each guest.

Panda Pod Hotel Slippers

The pod hotel has a no-shoes policy, which is excellent news, and I'll explain why. They provide soft slippers for your stay (and a nice bag to store your footwear), which means no more creaky noises when someone is walking in the middle of the night.

And that's pretty important because you will share the same space with many others.

Panda Pod Hotel Climbing To The Top Pod

There are 64 single-occupancy pods split into female and male sections for extra privacy.

Panda Pod Hotel Capsule

Panda Pod Hotel Pull Down Tray

If you have previously visited some Japanese capsule hotels and found them slightly tight, don't worry.

Posing In A Capsule

The mattresses at Panda Pod Hotel are thirty percent longer and broader than their Asian counterparts.

Panda Pod Hotel Modeling Girl

Panda Pod Hotel Bright Capsule Interior

Panda Pod Hotel Selfies Inside The Capsule

Panda Pod Hotel Capsule Interior

Panda Pod Hotel Capsule Movie Watching

Pull down the laptop tray from the wall and cozy up with the comfy blankets to watch your favorite show before you call it a night.

Panda Pod Hotel Washroom

The zebra-striped washrooms that you will be sharing with fellow travelers are decorated with golden-framed portraits, chandeliers, and fancy faucets. So you wouldn't feel like you are in a typical hostel.

Panda Pod Hotel Bathroom Lights

Panda Pod Hotel Fancy Faucets

Stacey Murchison, 8080 Anderson Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 1S4, Canada