CityHub Copenhagen - Smart, Compact & TrendyCityHub  

CityHub is a new-wave hotel chain that offers capsule-style accommodations in urban areas. After their successful projects in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, it was time to try Denmark.

Their hotel in Copenhagen is located in the Vesterbro neighborhood and features compact capsule rooms with high-tech gadgets and a shared lounge with a self-service bar for you to use.

CityHub also offers bike rentals and is within walking distance of popular attractions like the Tivoli Gardens or the Meatpacking District.

If you arrive at the CityHub by train, the Copenhagen Central Station is nearby too.

Type: Capsule

The hotel's unique approach to hospitality is evident from the moment of your arrival.

CityHub Copenhagen Building Front

There is no traditional reception, but you have to use check-in machines to receive your multifunctional wristband that will open the door to your room.

CityHub Copenhagen Hotel Automated Check In

The Hangout is CityHub's official meet-and-greet chill zone. It's where you can have a drink, prepare your daily activities in the morning, or have a friendly chat with a random dude from Australia.

CityHub Copenhagen Lounge

One of the cool features of the digital wristband is that you get to be your own bartender. How? You just swipe to pay and fill your mug with fresh draught beer.

The self-service bar has bottled drinks in its fridges, so you don't have to walk to the closest shop to get one.

CityHub Copenhagen Bar

CityHub welcomes digital nomads with a dedicated space to work with high-speed Internet and plenty of electric outlets (because we need them!).

CityHub Copenhagen Co-Working Space

Although CityHub is techy and likes to automate things that hotels usually don't, there are some exceptions. One is the CityHost service.

One of the perks of staying at a hostel or Airbnb is to talk with your hosts, who will provide you with insider tips.

So, the concept of CityHost is that they employ someone local who is always available in the lounge to advise on where to go and what to see.

The CityHost will also solve any of your problems related to your accommodation during your stay. Pretty clever!

CityHub Copenhagen CityHost

There are many spots to chill at the hotel, but the quirkiest one is the Time Out Space. It's a circular space enclosed by curtains with a huge comfy sofa.

Basically, an introvert's paradise!

CityHub Copenhagen Time Out Space

The bathrooms are packed with towels - so you don't have to awkwardly beg for one if you forget to bring your own.

CityHub Copenhagen Bathroom

There are no en-suite rooms, so the showers are shared between all guests.

CityHub Copenhagen Showers

The Hubs are the room quarters where the double-decker mini rooms are located.

CityHub Copenhagen Hubs

Luckily, you don't have to be worried about snoring neighbors or loud Netflixing. The capsules are cleverly soundproofed - something that even most hotels with proper walls don't care about.

CityHub Copenhagen Hubs Rooms

CityHub's unique, technology-focused lodging experience is apparent in the rooms too.

CityHub Copenhagen Hotel Capsules

You can change the lighting inside your room depending on your mood.

CityHub Copenhagen Capsule Room

All you have to do is download the hotel's app, and you can control the lights and connect to the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

CityHub Copenhagen Capsule Door

The inside of the room is tight but cozy. Depending on your preference, you can choose the top or the bottom capsule.

CityHub Copenhagen Capsule Room Interior

You won't be able to stand on your bed, but unlike some sketchy hostel bunk beds, you can sit up comfortably.

CityHub Copenhagen Capsule Room Bed

Last but not least, CityHub has a mini spa, just like the traditional Japanese capsule hotels.

So, you can have the same luxury of using a Finnish sauna as if you stayed at a pricey hotel.

CityHub Copenhagen Hotel Sauna

Vesterbrogade 97B, 1620 København, Denmark