Accommodation types: Gypsy   Traditional   Trailer
Location: Ouroux  France  West Europe
Les Folies de la Serve – Sizzling Gypsy CaravansLes Folies  
de la Serve

Deep in the rolling hilled wine regions of France, you can find a selection of beautifully restored traditional Gypsy Caravans. These are available for hire and are decorated in four different styles reflecting all kinds of Gypsy Heritage. You can be transported into a lifestyle that hasn’t changed for centuries by staying in one of the two traditional caravans.

In France, the caravans are referred to at ‘La Roulotte’. So, La Roulotte des Amoureux is for lovers and features intricately carved wood, red colors, and mirrors. La Roulotte des Ménages is reminiscent of the caravans of the 1920s which were used by horse traders and is the more rustic option. Roulotte des Étoiles is decorated in styles from India and the Orient. It is full of dazzling sequined cushions and rare artifacts. The caravans have en suite facilities and are self-catering but you can choose to have breakfast delivered to your door. So you can eat before you step outside with the sweet scent of dew in your nostrils and the fine blue sky with the promise of a warm summer’s day drinking local wine. There is also a boarding house with lovely views over the countryside.

Les Roulettes de la Serve
Les Roulettes de la Serve hotel interior
Indian decoration in Les Roulettes de la Serve
Elephant decoration at Les Roulettes de la Serve hotel
Les Roulettes de la Serve room
Les Roulettes de la Serve hotel room
Gypsy caravan interior
Gypsy hotel interior
Les Roulettes de la Serve garden

La Serve 69860 Ouroux, France
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