Hicksville Trailer Palace - Adult's Playground Next To Joshua Tree National ParkHicksville  
Trailer Palace

Hicksville Trailer Palace is no ordinary place. It's the ultimate adult playground for the outdoorsy crowd.

The camping is dog-friendly, adults-only (that means 21+ in the USA!), and supports the 420 ("wake and bake") movement - there is even a dedicated vape room for smokers.

The cool factor got even bigger when Lana Del Rey shot her new music video here, the White Dress. So, Hicksville is now a pop culture icon too!

There are ten trailers - including a vardo gypsy trailer and one shaped like a boat - and one "zombie-safe" wooden cabin spread around the property.

Four trailers have private bathrooms, and there is a large shared one for all the rest.

Type: Gypsy   Hippie   Trailer
Hicksville Trailer Palace

Hicksville Trailer Palace Camping

And when you thought this place could not be more hipster, you spot a fully functioning retro Jukebox that's free to use to start a spontaneous dance party at the pool.

Hicksville Trailer Palace At Night

You can also rent out the whole camping and organize the party of your life!

Just like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard did during their infamous stay here.

Hicksville Trailer Palace The Lux

The Lux Trailer

The Lux is equipped with a retro black and white TV and a collection of horror movies for you to enjoy. The name comes from the lead singer of The Cramps band.

If you enjoy a bit of punk rock and tiki, this one is for you.

Hicksville Trailer Palace The Lux Trailer

Hicksville Trailer Palace Integratrailer

The Integratrailer

This classic aluminum-body trailer is a homage to Integratron, a historical landmark in California.

It's a large cupola structure designed by ufologist George Van Tassel, who claimed to have been contacted by the aliens from Venus.

He claims that his creation is capable of rejuvenation, anti-gravity, and time travel. The cute little trailer might not possess such skills, but it's still fitted with quirky extraterrestrial stuff.

Hicksville Trailer Palace Project Z Cabin

Project Z Cabin

This post-apocalyptic-themed rustic hut has everything you need to survive a zombie attack.

Hicksville Trailer Palace Communal Kitchen

Sharing is caring - The communal kitchen is free for everyone to use.

Hicksville Trailer Palace - The New World Trailer

The New World Trailer

This is a big one! The 40-foot 1950s trailer is a homage to "B" reel movies, and it can accommodate up to six people.

The Fifi Trailer

The Fifi Trailer

The owners compare the experience to living inside a genie bottle. The cute trailer is fitted with a glam vanity mirror, vintage booth-style seats and table, and a 70s shag rug. There are also some funky wigs to try on.

The Pioneer Trailer

The Pioneer Trailer

The western-themed trailer has an 1870s frontier-style abode, and it pays homage to the neighboring Pioneertown.

The Pony Trailer

The Pony Trailer

The smallest is the cutest! The Pony trail has its own stall, and of course, it's western-themed inside.

The Sideshow Trailer

The Sideshow Trailer

The vintage carnival train car is packed with quirky stuff from freak shows, and if you rent this place, you will have your very own fortune teller.

The Skipper Trailer

The Skipper Trailer

Yet another piece of a cute oddity! The landlocked ship has a nautical-themed interior and a superb rooftop sundeck.

The Sweet Trailer

The Sweet Trailer

The perfectly shaped Airstream trailer is a nod to the 70s music scene, and it's fitted with a record player, an ambiance fireplace, and a private patio.

The Sweet Trailer Terrace

The Pee Wee Trailer

The Pee Wee Trailer

The super colorful gypsy trailer is a movie relic. It was Gina's home in the movie Big Top Pee-wee.

The Pee Wee Trailer Interior


Teepee Indoor Fireplace

The teepee hides a cozy indoor fireplace for those cold evenings.

Retired Huntington Beach Lifeguard Tower

The retired Huntington Beach lifeguard tower perfectly decorates the centrally located pool.

Hicksville Trailer Palace Heated Pool

A kidney-shaped saltwater pool is heated, and it's available 24/7 to dip your feet on a hot day (between March 15th and November 15th). And there is a hot tub too!

Hicksville Trailer Palace Camping Site During The Evening

Giant Ball Pit

Do you know this fun place at Ikea where parents leave their kids while looking for a new sofa? The one that has a pool filled with plastic balls?

So, here you have that, and finally, you can have some shameless fun in the giant ball pit.

Ping Pong Room

You won't have to search for fun activities. Hicksville Trailer Palace is overflowing with amusing stuff to do.

The long list includes arcade games, pinball, giant shuffleboard, ping pong room, archery range, BB gun range, giant ball pit, mini-golf, and darts.

Joshua Tree Mini Golf


Giant Shuffleboard

Giant Shuffleboard

The hippie camping is conveniently placed a few minutes' ride from the entrance to the world-famous Joshua Tree National Park.

If you are lucky, you can spot wildlife here; coyotes, rabbits, hummingbirds, and roadrunners.

It's also close to Pioneertown with its historic movie-set buildings.

2517 Foxy Flats Rd, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, United States