Hotel Galeria Spirit - Funky "Butterfly House" In BratislavaHotel Galeria  

Locally known as the “Butterfly House,” this Slovakian hotel/hostel hybrid in Slovakia looks like something out of a children’s fairytale with its explosions of color and jagged designs.

Strikingly bright and bold, Hotel Galéria Spirit is a 5-minute walk from the train station and about 15 minutes from the historic Old Town area of the city.

A haven for those who appreciate art, beauty, and health, the Galeria Spirit Hotel offers professional consultants in the area of nutrition. It offers its own nutritional products at a 50 percent discount to guests.


Solo travelers might opt to stay in the dormitory-style room, which includes a terrace and garden and accommodates up to 12 people.

Hotel Galeria Spirit building

For those on a budget, a stay at the Galeria Spirit includes a free breakfast buffet.

Hotel Galeria Spirit exterior with parking lot

Included in the list of Unique Structures of the World, the quirky Hotel Galeria Spirit offers travelers a chance to experience art like never before, including it in every single room and thus creating positive effects on the subconscious in a relaxing yet fun atmosphere.

Hotel Galeria Spirit exterior
Hotel Galeria Bratislava's Dali Building

Almost like a Dali painting come to life in 3D, Hotel Galeria's architecture is inspired by Cubism.

Hotel Galeria Cubist Architecture Bratislava
Hotel Galeria Facade
Hotel Galeria Spirit check in
Hotel Galeria Spirit lounge
Hotel Galeria Spirit restaurant
Hotel Galeria Spirit electric bikes
Hotel Galeria Spirit staircase
Hotel Galeria Spirit open door to the bedroom
Hotel Galeria Spirit room
Hotel Galeria Spirit bedroom
Hotel Galeria Spirit bathroom
Hotel Galeria Balcony
Hotel Galeria Spirit rooftop
Bratislava panorama
Vančurova 1694/1, 831 01 Bratislava, Slovakia