The Farm – Creativity In The SubcontinentThe Farm  

The Farm is a creative project by husband and wife, Surya and Ritu Singh. It resides on a 16-acre plot close to the cosmopolitan center of the region, Jaipur. The whole hotel is made from recycled materials and seeks to be original in design and concept.

Each room is detached for extra privacy and arranged around a raised swimming pool where the trendy restaurant can also be found. Guests are fed mainly on organic vegetables from the hotel’s own garden. Luxury is not sacrificed to creative endeavor here; the dinners are candlelit and scrumptious. Themed suites are found in an independent complex nearby.

Recreation is plentiful; the hotel has its own cinema, pool room, and yoga studio. Creativity is the driving force behind this hotel and painting classes are held regularly. But you could have guessed that already by checking out the unique and original decoration vibes flowing like a gymnast’s ribbon throughout the hotel. You can also go golfing or trail riding around The Farm’s warm and vibrant estate.

Type: Design   Gypsy
Location: Jaipur  India  South Asia
The Farm Jaipur hotel panorama

The Farm, Jaipur stairs and decorated wall

The Farm, Jaipur terrace with table games

The Farm hotel Jaipur terrace

Relaxing at the The Farm hotel in Jaipur

The Farm Jaipur wooden sofa with Hindu decoration

The Farm Jaipur bed outside

The Farm Jaipur bar on the terrace

The Farm Jaipur pool game

The Farm Jaipur billiard

The Farm Jaipur swimming pool

The Farm Jaipur tent and swimming pool

The Farm Jaipur wall decoration with paintings on Indian people

The Farm Jaipur relax room

Indian yellow bus toy

Motorcycle table

The Farm Jaipur hotel bedroom

The Farm Jaipur room

The Farm Jaipur bathroom

The Farm Jaipur hotel room

Bathroom with sofa

The Farm Jaipur room with Hindu decoration

The Farm Jaipur room with terrace

The Farm Jaipur room terrace

Prithvisinghpura, Dhankiya Road, Bad Ke Balaji Jaipur, Rajasthan 302026, India