Notel Melbourne - Against All Boring HotelsNotel  

Notel is not a hotel but an experience, and it's made up of six vintage trailers. They found them in the USA and shipped them to Australia. After thorough restoration work, their pretty rounded and polished chrome coachwork now shines just like new. Fifty-ton cranes then lifted them to their final place, a former rooftop car park.

The concept behind Notel is a revolt against traditional hotels – just like our website. James Fry, who came up with the idea, claims that visitors should get a unique experience. An experience that's the complete opposite of your typical hotel services, food, and mediocre city tours. So at Notel, there is no room service, neither a restaurant. Instead, it's located in a place that's sprawling with the best food options, and Melbourne is one of the best places to be for foodies.

Reception? Forget about it. Before you could even open your cool airstream trailer by an app, you will have to find the secret door that leads to it. Hint, your view will be the majestic Australia 108 and Eureka Tower, the two tallest skyscrapers in Melbourne. The airstreams are done in a traditional American "Go big or go home"-style. They fitted them with double beds and quirky design details. A free minibar is included (unlike in hotels!), but that's just to get some energy and get you going. The city awaits your exploration. Go on an adventure and find the best local spots, experience traveling from a different perspective. That's the spirit of Notel.

Type: Design   Trailer
Location: Melbourne  Australia  Oceania
Notel Melbourne Drone Photo
Notel Melbourne
Notel Melbourne 1970s Vintage Chrome Airstream Trailer
Notel Airstream Trailer
Notel Melbourne City View
Notel Airstream Trailer Design Interior
Notel Airstream Trailer Bedroom
Notel Airstream Trailer Shower
Notel Airstream Trailer Jacuzzi
Notel Airstream Trailer Mini Terrace
Harper Lane Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne, Australia