Lundy Island - Fascination And Harmony On A Tiny IslandLundy  

Lundy Island is one of England’s natural wonders – a small emanation that rises from the waves of the Bristol Channel, just under five square kilometers in size. It has been populated since Neolithic times with old gravestones recently uncovered and dated to the 5th Century.

There are a number of unique accommodations managed by the Landmark Trust. If you are seeking solitude then try the Old Light Cottage – a tiny granite dwelling that was once a radio room for the attached lighthouse.

Go back to the old school by staying in the old Sunday school that once taught the doctrines of Christianity to the handful of children who lived on the island; part of a tradition that stretched back to the community of monks who lived on the island in medieval times.

Or how about Tibbets? It’s an odd stone cottage surrounded by a circular wall – like staying in an ancient “@” symbol. Wherever you stay you will have time for relaxation and recreation in this unique location.

Lundy Island Lighthouse
Lighthouse living room
Lundy Castle
Castle interior
Lundy Island
Bristol Channel, Bideford, Devon EX39 2LY, United Kingdom ‎