West Usk Lighthouse - Mutant Robots And Time Machines In A Historical Sea Tower At The River UskWest Usk  

Built in 1821 by a Scottish architect, this lighthouse located at the mouth of the River Usk in the United Kingdom now holds four guest rooms. A stone spiral staircase takes you to the first floor, where all the rooms to let are. These wedge-shaped bedrooms (arranged around a wishing well) are filled with natural light; one even has a waterbed. Guests can take in lovely views of the surrounding countryside from their rooms or enjoy the scenery from the hot tub on the roof garden.

A host of well-being treatments and holistic sessions are also available at the West Usk Lighthouse, from Reiki to Thai massage and even hypnotherapy. Adding to the quirkiness of this lighthouse is a life-size Dalek (mutant robot), a Dr. Who Tardis (time machine and spacecraft), and a few telephone box decorations.

The lighthouse is a 10-mile drive northeast of Cardiff and just a two-hour drive from London, situated between Newport and Cardiff, overlooking The Usk and the Severn Estuaries and The Bristol Channel. There are ten nearby golf courses as well. Cows and wild horses can be seen roaming the surrounding fields among the bright and colorful crops in the summertime.

West Usk Lighthouse with Rooftop Garden
West Usk Lighthouse and the rocky beach
West Usk Lighthouse interior
West Usk Lighthouse dining room
West Usk Lighthouse circle staircase
West Usk Lighthouse cosy room
West Usk Lighthouse bedroom
West Usk Lighthouse Nautical Room
West Usk Lighthouse room beach view
West Usk Lighthouse Window Evening Sea View
West Usk Lighthouse terrace
West Usk Lighthouse Rooftop Garden Jacuzzi
West Usk Lighthouse Sea View
West Usk Lighthouse Vintage Photo from the 19th Century
Newport NP10 8SF, United Kingdom