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Esopus Creek is one of the essential tributes of the Hudson River. When the Europeans began to settle in America, the creek soon became an important trade route for the natives and the newcomers. As the first 200 years of settlement fly-by we see towns and villages springing up along its wavering banks. By 1834 the US government commissioned a lighthouse to be built to guide ships through the treacherous shallow waters that sit around the entrance to the creek. By 1869 the lighthouse as it stands today was operational.

Your accommodation is of the type of a house proud matriarch might provide along with her famous apple pie. The lighthouse is surrounding by an area of natural beauty and you may want to picnic, walk and explore the area. The lighthouse is owned and maintained by the Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy, a not-for-profit group that also runs the small museum and guided tours through the interesting history. To support their work, make a donation on their website.

Type: Lighthouse
Saugerties Lighthouse
Saugerties Lighthouse exterior top
Saugerties Lighthouse exterior
Saugerties Lighthouse front door entrance
Saugerties Lighthouse living room
Saugerties Lighthouse parlor
Saugerties Lighthouse kitchen
Saugerties Lighthouse vintage radio
Saugerties Lighthouse room
Saugerties Lighthouse bedroom
South View
Kayaking on Hudson River
Foggy day
North tug
Historical photo of Saugerties Lighthouse
168 Lighthouse Dr, Saugerties, NY, USA