Svinoy Lighthouse – Historic Lighthouse In NorwaySvinoy  

Svinøy is an island off the coast of Norway. Its name translates as ‘Swine Island’ because farmers used it as grazing ground for pigs during the summer months. Norwegian authorities wanted to build a lighthouse there from 1850 but found it difficult to transport materials and build on the island. Work was not completed until 1906. Along with the lighthouse, accommodation for three families was also constructed. It was taken by the Nazis and bombed by the Allies in World War Two.

In 2005, to mark its hundredth anniversary, the lighthouse became fully automated, and a year later, the empty accommodation was turned into a hotel to sleep up to 10 people. The island is so tiny you can have the whole place to yourself. You may want to brood over the grey waves and black rocks clutching a bottle of scotch - just an idea.

Unfortunately, in 2013 the government decided that helicopter flights to the island are only permitted in case of maintenance on the lighthouse, which means it longer functions as accommodation for tourists.

Type: Island   Lighthouse   Remote
Location: Herøy  Norway  West Europe
Svinoya island
Svinoy island rocks
Svinoy Lighthouse at the edge of the cliff
Svinoy Lighthouse on top of the cliff
Svinoy Lighthouse at night
Svinoy Lighthouse
Svinoy Lighthouse living room
Svinoy Lighthouse kitchen
Svinoy Lighthouse seafood
Svinoy Lighthouse double bed room
Svinoy Lighthouse twin room
Svinoy Lighthouse views
Svinoy Lighthouse with huge weaves
Svinoy Lighthouse on the rocks
Svinoy Island dock
Svinoy Island flowers
Svinøy Fyr, 6099 Herøy, Norway