Molja Lighthouse - Single Room With A (Still) Functioning Beacon On The TopMolja  

Ålesund is a seaport in Norway and is home to a large concentration of Art Nouveau Architecture – an ostentatious style that utilizes sweeping organic forms and a harmony of shape popular in Europe in the early 20th Century. The town makes for a unique visit.

But hang on; what if all this architecture and quality restaurants are not unique enough? What if you need to increase the unique? Then you want to stay in the town’s lighthouse. Unlike other lighthouse hotels, Molja still functions to keep ships safe while you are sequestered away inside the structure. It is a single room and part of a larger hotel, Hotel Brosundet, 400 meters away. They will deliver food to you in the lighthouse. The room is specially decorated and on two floors. The only sounds you will hear are the waves of the sea and passing boats. A real romantic experience.

Type: Lighthouse
Location: Alesund  Norway  West Europe
Molja Lighthouse

Molja Lighthouse and a ship

Molja Lighthouse as a hotel

Molja Lighthouse room

Molja Lighthouse bathroom

Molja, 6004 Alesund, Norway