Accommodation types: Fairytale   Treehouse
Location: Lyrestad  Sweden  West Europe
Norrqvarn Hotell - Stay In A Giant Mushroom Or Tree Stump In SwedenNorrqvarn  

Norrqvarn Hotell is set in an old mill on the banks of Göta Canal, Sweden. Surrounded by woods and fields, the hotel seems pretty idyllic, yet nothing ordinary. But… there’s a couple of surprises hiding around the corner.

In a nod to the youngest guests (and those of us who still feel like children at heart), the hotel has created magical custom-made houses in the forest. You can choose between giant mushrooms or large tree stumps, all of which had been carved in wood by an artist, Sören Niklasson. Both types of houses are whimsical and filled with imaginative details, making for a truly fairy-tale experience. There’s also the Lock Keeper’s Cottage by the canal for something more conventional but still charming. It comes with two bedrooms, your own garden and barbecue, and a whole lot of adorable vintage details.

The best time to stay at Norrqvarn Hotell is during the Midsummer Festival (celebrated in June), a day full of singing, dancing, and festivities. Other than that, you can enjoy simple summer pleasures like swimming in the canal, hiking, and cycling. And, of course, Norrqvarn being a family hotel, there are many activities for kids.

Norrqvarn Hotell
Norrqvarn Hotell Mushroom Houses
Mushroom House and Tree Stump
Norrqvarn Hotell Mushroom House
Norrqvarn Hotell Mushroom House Exterior
Norrqvarn Hotell Mushroom House Interior
Norrqvarn Hotell Mushroom House Bedroom
Norrqvarn Hotell Troll Tree House
Norrqvarn Hotell Tree Stump
Norrqvarn Hotell Tree Stump Interior
Norrqvarn Hotell Tree Stump Bedroom
Norrqvarn Hotell Tree Stump Room
Norrqvarn Hotell Tree Stump Miniature Canal Model
Norrqvarns Slussområde, 548 93 Lyrestad, Sweden
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