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Off-grid itHouse

Before going off the grid, experience off-grid living. This house, recently noted by the Los Angeles Times as one of the best houses of all times in Southern California, is available for those who appreciate the architectural beauty and significant design in creating a smaller footprint in wilderness locations. It’s a breathless environment of sage brush, tumble weed and astounding sunsets. It’s the perfect artist’s retreat. Powered completely by solar panels for energy and hot water, the hotel works as a silent get-away for serenity and inspiration. The house is deliberately left without television, phones or Internet for the visitor to achieve full harmony with nature. Its idyllic setting will lift that writer’s block and fill the cravings of the artist’s brush. Rental is for vacation purposes only. For commercial photo shoots and events, special arrangements can be made by contacting the proprietors. A joy for all environmentalists, this is the house that will help you realize the full potential of green living.

Off-grid itHouse in the desert
Off-grid itHouse views on the valley
Off-grid itHouse at the evening
Off-grid itHouse corner stone
Off-grid itHouse lanterns
Off-grid itHouse front porch
Dining to kitchen
Off-grid itHouse kitchen
Off-grid itHouse living room
Design furniture and fireplace
Off-grid itHouse living room views on the desert
Off-grid itHouse bedroom
Off-grid itHouse bathroom
Off-grid itHouse patio
Off-grid itHouse terrace at the evening with fireplace
Morongo Valley desert
Parsons Ranch Road, Pioneertown, California, United States
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