Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park - Avant-Garde Treehouses In PortugalPedras  

The Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park is a 4-star eco-resort in the north of Portugal with some of the world’s coziest eco-friendly bungalows. The suites are naturally decorated and their patios offer scenic vistas of the surrounding nature. They also come equipped with a kitchen, dining area, Wi-Fi, and comfortable furnishings.

You can book many relaxing spa treatments during your stay, or release your stress in the sauna, steam bath, and indoor pool which are all fed by the natural springs in the area. The hotel also caters to children by offering a safe, state-of-the-art playground. In 1873 at the International Exposition of Vienna, Austria, the healing properties of the springs of Rio, Gruta, José Júlio Rodrigues, Férrea, Nova, Saraiva and Botelho, Penedo and Preciosa were officially recognized. Today, a stay at the spa will give you access to all these magnificent healing springs.

If you care to dine on authentic delicacies of the Trás dos Montes and international cuisine, you can check out the beautiful open-air Casa de Cha restaurant. You can also have all meals delivered to your private bungalow. For more of an adventure, check out the treetop adventures, bike rides, and private guided tours of the surrounding nature.

Pedras Salgadas tree house
Large house with forest views of the tree bungalow
Tree house from the side
Bridge of the tree house
Pedras Salgadas tree house interior
Pedras Salgadas tree house bedroom with forest views
Pedras Salgadas tree house shower
Pedras Salgadas eco house
Pedras Salgadas eco house with terrace
Pedras Salgadas eco house entrance
Pedras Salgadas eco house kitchen
Pedras Salgadas eco house bedroom
Pedras Salgadas spa house
Pedras Salgadas spa lounge
Pedras Salgadas spa relax room
Pedras Salgadas interior swimming pool
Pedras Salgadas interior swimming pool with garden view
Pedras Salgadas pool
Pedras Salgadas lake
Parque Pedras Salgadas, 5450-140 Bornes de Aguiar, Portugal