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The Queen Mary Hotel
Queen Mary  

All the pomp and grandeur of the Titanic without any of that sillyness with iceburgs; the Queen Mary has had a long and prosperous career with no (fingers crossed) bad renditions of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ yet. Beginning life in the 1930s, it was built in Scotland and became the luxury liner of choice for celebrities and rich people. It saw action in the 2nd World War when it was painted grey and converted to carry troops. It then rode the White Star Line and did cruises before being moored in Long Beach and turned into a hotel. Now you can stay in a number of fabulous suites lovingly restored to their original art deco glory. There are a number of historical tours available (I know the ship’s history goes back less than 100 years but the Americans have to start somewhere). The engine rooms look particularly grand. Eat in their 5 star restaurant and enjoy fresh tunes from your own ipod dock. You can also experience any number of special themes and events the hotel holds annually including a Scottish festival which pays homage to the ship’s birthplace.

Queen Mary Luxury liner historical photo in New York
Queen Mary used as troop transport during World War 2
Queen Mary ship docked in Queensway Bay
Queen Mary ship and Scottish Festival
Queen Mary celebration
Queen Mary ship captain
Queen Mary museum
Queen Mary Hotel bar
Queen Mary Hotel Dragon Shoppe
Queen Mary Hotel ballroom
Queen Mary Hotel restaurant with city view
Queen Mary Hotel restaurant with sea view
Queen Mary Hotel room
Queen Mary Hotel bedroom
Queen Mary Hotel bed
Queen Mary Hotel top terrace
Queen Mary ship details
Queen Mary Ship
1126 Queens Highway, CA 90802 Long Beach, USA
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