Riffelhaus 1853 - Historic Alpine Ski Resort With Matterhorn ViewsRiffelhaus  

If you’re a fan of Wes Anderson’s films, you’ll be delighted with Riffelhaus 1853. This white and red mountain hotel from 1853 is a perfect little gem of Anderson-esque aesthetic. Set amongst the dramatic peaks of the Swiss Alps, the hotel was constructed at a near-impossible altitude for its time – 2,500 meters above sea level. Due to its unique mountain location, the hotel is only available by railway, so you’ll need to leave your car in Zermatt.

Built during the golden era of Alpine skiing, Riffelhaus 1853 has stood the test of time and still offers fantastic skiing conditions. The Zermatt all-year-round skiing region is the highest ski resort in Europe, with 360 kilometers of slopes in both Switzerland and Italy. However, if skiing is not your preferred past-time, visit the region in summer: there’s plenty of hiking, biking, and mountaineering (including Switzerland’s most famous peak, Matterhorn) to be done.

The hotel rooms are kept on the ski chalet theme: wooden walls, checked curtains and cozy ambiance. All rooms come with a generous package included in the price: a sumptuous breakfast buffet to get you started for an active day, a 4-course dinner, and complimentary access to the spa facilities.

Even if you usually skip the spas at hotels, you need to make an exception for the one at Riffelhaus. The highlight of the experience is the outdoor hot tub with a Matterhorn view. Check it out at sunset!

Type: Mountain   Spa
Riffelhaus 1853 On Top Of The Riffelbergexpress Train Ride
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Interior
Restaurant Riffelhaus
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Restaurant
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Lounge Matterhorn Panorama From The Windows
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Room
Matterhorn Panorama From The Window
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Double Bed
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Bedroom Panorama
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Bathroom
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Spa
Sauna With Alpine Panorama At Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Private Balcony
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Jacuzzi
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Jacuzzi At Night
Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel Terrace In The Evening
Matterhorn Panorama
Riffelberg 2500 m, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland