Sala Silver Mine – An Underground AdventureSala  

Lounge on your luxury leather chair underneath a delicate chandelier that hangs from the roof of a room that has been tunneled out of pure rock, 509 feet (155 meters) below the surface.

As if you were Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Except for the massively wealthy and less ring-obsessed. So yes, the hotel is in a converted silver mine.

You are pretty much left alone down there with staff on the surface. So you get the whole place to yourself. There is plenty of adventure to be had around the area.

You can do a high-wire assault course, go whizzing on a zip wire, and explore the underground world of the silver mine through several different tracks. If you like golf, there is a fine course above ground for you to check out 10 kilometers from Sala Silver Mine.

Type: Cave   Underground
Location: Sala  Sweden  West Europe

Down here, under the water, there is no current, and the environment has been untouched by oxygen and light, so you enter and brave and mysterious world of labyrinthine tunnels and plunge pools.

Underground lake

The silver mine in Sala was in operation from the 15th century to 1908. For hundreds of years, silver was mined here. The precious metal was essential to the crown because it was mainly used for making coins.

Underground restaurant in Sala, Sweden

Today, Sala Silvergruva is a popular destination where different experiences are offered - both above and underground.

Sala Silvergruva Underground Dinner

Groups can also book an event with food and drinks in the underworld. The conference facilities are located in the Director's Residence, whose interior has been prepared to reflect the time of August Heberle (engineer at Swedish mines) of the 19th century.

So, how about a Christmas party at a depth of 509 feet (155 meters)?

Underground hotel room

Silvergruva in Sala, 120 km northwest of Stockholm, has a mining suite where you and your chosen one can spend the night alone.

The mining suite is located 509 feet (155 meters) below ground in the former silver mine that closed for operations in 1962. Today, the mine is a museum and also a unique accommodation.

Sala Silvermine dining

There is electricity in the underground hotel, but you must take a lift down. So if you don't dare or are claustrophobic, maybe it's not the best idea!

Since 2024, booking the underground room has no longer been possible. The area in the mine formerly used for the suite is not available for guests anymore and is instead used for storage.

Silver mine hotel room

The temperature in the former mine is around 36 Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius), but it is 66 Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius) inside the heated suite.

Sala Silvermine cave

The hotel also conserves the mine’s unique history, and historical tours are available too. It is also the site of some of the finest cave-diving in the world.

Silver mine cave in Sala, Sweden
Zip-lining in Sala

One of the most fun outdoor activities around Sala is zip-lining in the forest.

Zip-lining in the nature of Sala
Girl on a zip-line
Drottning Christinas väg 4, 733 36 Sala, Sweden