Accommodation types: Train
Location: Tokyo  Japan  East Asia
Shiki-Shima Train Suite - The Most Surreal Train Ride In The WorldShiki-Shima  
Train Suite

Concept cars tend to look so futuristic and progressive that they never make it into production in shape they were showcased at car shows. Shiki-Shima train is the concept car of trains, but somehow it managed to get approved by the East Japan Railway Company, and now anyone can book a trip on this smashingly well-designed train.

The exterior is gold coated and fitted with more holes for windows than an Emmental cheese. The direct benefit from this is the spectacular panorama from the inside. It's not all uber-modern here though, bits and pieces of the best Japanese traditions were kept, such as the tatami mats and wooden bathtubs. You've got that right; your suite includes a bath with a bathtub and windows overlooking the passing scenery. At the main entrance, you'll find a fireplace. I'm sure that's a first, too!

Japan's sleeper train has 17 rooms on board, allowing a maximum of 34 passengers to experience the most luxurious ride of their life. Passengers can enjoy live piano performances in the lounge. In the dining car, a Michelin-starred chef is cooking minimalist Japanese meals. The best view is from the observatory cars on both ends of the train with windows all around, including the ceiling. The journey lasts two to four days in the northeastern part of Japan. Expect a slow ride; this is not a Shinkansen, but a lifetime experience where your moving luxurious accommodation will take you through the magical lands of the country. Shiki-Shima is one of the most exclusive and luxurious trains in the world.

Shiki-Shima Train During Autumn In Japan
Shiki-Shima Train In The Snow

East Japan Railway Company - E001 Series Train

JR East Shiki-Shima Train
JR East E001 Series Gold Coated Exterior
Shiki-Shima Train Grand Entrance
Shiki-Shima Train Futuristic Interior
Shiki-Shima Train Bar

Dining Car

Shiki-Shima Train Dining Car

Two-Floor Suite With Traditional Tatami Mats And A Cypress Bath

Shiki-Shima Train Suite Dining Room
Shiki-Shima Train Suite Dining
Shiki-Shima Train Suite
Shiki-Shima Train Suite With People
Shiki-Shima Train Suite Bedroom

Cypress Bath - Wooden Bathtub

Shiki-Shima Train Suite Bathroom Cypress Bath
Shiki-Shima Train Wooden Bathtub

Observatory Car

Shiki-Shima Train Observatory Car
Shiki-Shima Train Observatory Car Panorama
7 Chome Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan
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