Belmond Royal Scotsman - Palace On Rails In The Scottish HighlandsBelmond Royal  

Experience an epic journey through the Highlands of Scotland in a restored palace on wheels. The beautifully fitted Pullman cars feature Lacquer-polished mahogany panels and Edwardian elegance.

The en-suite cabins come with hot steamy showers and plush beds fitted with soft Scottish wools and tartans. In this comfort, your mind can switch to daydreaming while gazing through the large-sized oval windows overlooking the passing landscape.

Belmond Royal Scotsman ranks among the world’s most luxurious trains. The romantic ride starts at Edinburgh Waverley station with the opening of a champagne bottle, of course. Next, a sumptuous dinner is served in one of the two dining cars. Then, head to the bar for a sip of a top-quality Whiskey as the local musicians lead the evening entertainment.

The luxurious hotel on wheels has a remarkable feature in the back, one that makes the London Routemaster buses so unique. The open-air veranda is the best vantage point on the train. This observation car is best enjoyed with hot tea and a companion to share the unique experience of an unobstructed view of the Scottish scenery.

Back on board, the recent addition of the Bamford Haybarn Spa carriage raised the bar of posh rail travel even further. Massage to the relaxing, thumping sounds of the train? Oh yes, please.

The Belmond Royal Scotsman luxury train takes you from Edinburgh to the Scottish Highlands. The season starts in April.

Belmond Royal Scotsman at the Edinburgh Waverley railway station

A train trip can be more than just a way to get from one place to another. Belmond's new adventure is for the lovers of the romance of slow travel and those who are eco-friendly and love to travel in the highest comfort.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Traditional Scottish Welcome

If you are not afraid of cultural appropriation, it is possible to hire a kilt for formal dinners.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Corridor

With space for only 36 passengers, you will soon feel like one of the family. There will be stops on the way where you can experience castles, distilleries, and Scotland's rich cultural heritage.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Curtain Details

This is the first train in Europe to offer spa services on board at its Bamford Haybarn Spa.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Elegant Interior

The Belmond Royal Scotsman consists of two restaurant carriages, a bar carriage, a SPA carriage, and several compartment carriages.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Dining Room

In the luxurious restaurant carriages, you sit at beautifully set tables while served fine wines, attended to by attentive waiters, and enjoy fantastic food. All meals and drinks are included in the price, even champagne!

Belmond Royal Scotsman Lounge

In the evening, you can dress up in a dress and tuxedo for a dinner with friends in an elegant mahogany paneled carriage, or sip an aperitif at the bar. A luxurious train journey is nostalgia and glamor from a bygone era.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Lounge Plush Sofas

Belmond Royal Scotsman Sofa

Belmond Royal Scotsman Bar Car

You can taste Scotland's finest Whiskey selection in the train's bar.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Whiskey

Belmond Royal Scotsman Dance Evening

The cabins have two separate beds or a double bed, a small desk, and a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Suite

The cabins have sparingly lacquered mahogany woodwork and provide a cozy and opulent atmosphere to retreat to.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Suite Bedroom

You can book a facial, massage, or manicure in the spa cart for relaxation with a glimpse of picturesque nature.

Bamford Haybarn Spa

Belmond Royal Scotsman Observation Car

The train's observation car has balcony that offers a full panorama of Scotland's natural and manmade wonders.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Panoramic View From The Back

Explore Scotland's lochs, castles, and exciting landscapes.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Observation Deck In The Back

Belmond Royal Scotsman Railway Panorama

Belmond Royal Scotsman Train Bridge Crossing

Side Of The Pullman Train Of Belmond Royal Scotsman

Glenfinnan Railway Viaduct in Scotland.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Bridge

Several different trips and themes are offered here all over Scotland, and the trips last from two to seven nights.

Railway Across The Scottish Highlands

Scottish Loch

Scottish Sea Lions

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