Accommodation types: Castle   Luxury
Location: Sintra  Portugal  West Europe
Sintra Castle Hotel - Tivoli Palácio De Seteais
Castle Hotel

‘I must just observe that the village of Cintra in Estremadura is the most beautiful in the world’. Not my words but the words of Lord Byron, one of the world’s dashing romantic poets. The romantic style of Sintra Castle Hotel is typical of 18th Century Royal residences.

You enter - sweeping marble staircases, fine chandeliers, and frescos - staff swoop in to take your bags. Sound of tinkling glasses and laughter from the bar - delicious aromas rise from the restaurant. Spa treatments by Banyan Tree focus on spiritual, mental, and physical harmony. Golf is a specialty here. So if you’re not happy unless you can see sunlight gleaming from your club swinging for that final birdie – you could do worse. Their courses are even used for top international competitions. Culturally, you are looking at fine medieval and romantic architecture in one of Europe’s most historic nations. Christopher Columbus even stopped by en route to Spain in 1443. And for the adventurers, the imposing Sintra Mountains will form a pleasing rock on which to sharpen your mountaineering, walking, and climbing skills. Something for everyone eh?

Tivoli Palácio de Seteais
Sintra Castle Hotel
Horse riding at Sintra Castle Hotel
Horses at Sintra Castle Hotel
Playing tennis at Sintra Castle Hotel
Sintra Castle Hotel terrace
Sintra Castle Hotel restaurant
Sintra Castle Hotel royal room
Sintra Castle Hotel vintage piano
Sintra Castle Hotel wines
Sintra Castle Hotel room
Sintra Castle room
Sintra Castle Hotel suite
Sintra Castle Hotel and the swimming pool
Sintra Castle Hotel swimming pool
Sintra Castle Hotel swimming pool and garden
Sintra Castle Hotel garden
Rua Barbosa do Bocage, 8, 2710-517 Sintra, Portugal
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