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Spitbank Fort - Former Fort In A Revamped Hedonic CalculusSpitbank  

As you arrive via helicopter, Spitbank Fort initially looks like a military outpost from a classic strategy game like Red Alert or Total Annihilation. Indeed, when it was built in the 1860s its purpose was military: to defend Britain’s Portsmouth Harbour which was then one of the richest ports in the world.

Today it has been revamped as a luxury hotel with 9 suites, 3 bars, 3 restaurants, and spa facilities. Stay there and make the most of your saline environment with a fishing excursion; the waters are brimming with crustaceans, flopping fishes, and crabs so there is plenty to interest experienced and beginner anglers alike. Perhaps a peaceful sea kayak is more your thing. You can hire them from the hotel and strike out into the rich waters of the English Channel. There is also a racing yacht academy where an experienced skipper will take you and your party skimming across the waves for a sea-flecked afternoon of fun.

Spitbank Fort in Gosport
Spitbank Fort from the top
Spitbank Fort aerial
Spitbank Fort
Spitbank Fort close-up
Spitbank Fort stairs
Spitbank Fort wedding photo
On top at night
Solent Forts
Spitbank Fort dining
Spitbank Fort lounge
Spitbank Fort hotel room
Fort bedroom
Spitbank Fort bedroom
Spitbank Fort suite
Spitbank Fort marine themed room
Spitbank Fort rooftop terrace sunbathing
Spitbank Fort jacuzzi
Fire pit
Spitbank Fort on the open sea
Portsmouth, Gosport PO12 1FX, United Kingdom
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