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S/V Noorderlicht - Ice Bound Hotel Ship For Brave Travelers
S/V Noorderlicht  

This schooner first set sail in 1910. It spent 100 years sailing to icy destinations all over the world, from the Arctic Circle to the penguin-strewn islands of Antarctica. Today, it has a double life. Since being restored to its former glory, it sets sail every summer on exciting expeditions. One popular destination is the Svalbard Islands – an untouched Arctic wilderness. In the winter, it is sealed in ice, frozen, in a Norwegian fjord. But you can still get there by dog-sled or snowmobile.

Inside, the mahogany interior is the color of brandy, and your warm cabin has a luxury bed and a modern bathroom. Take a drink at the bar and relax in the lounge, where you will find a library stacked with polar literature and dusty maps. Three-course meals are served every day in the restaurant. In the day, you can mush your huskies and travel across the ice to explore local villages or visit rare wildlife miraculously thriving in the harsh climate.

S/V Noorderlicht Sailing Vessel Cruise In Svalbard, Northern Norway
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing Vessel Cruise In Spitsbergen
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing Vessel Cruise
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing Expedition Frosty Conditions
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing Expedition
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing Vessel Aboard
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing Vessel Interior
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing Vessel Bedroom
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing Vessel Dining Room
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing Vessel Dinner
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing At Night In The Frozen North
S/V Noorderlicht Sailing In The Arctic With Northern Lights
Antarctica Northern Lights
S/V Noorderlicht Antarctica Elephant Seals
Svalbard Spitsbergen Arctic
Arctic Orcas
Svalbard Spitsbergen Ice Mountains
De Kamp 10, 5855 EG Well, Netherlands
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