Tatra Glamp - Spherical Domes In The Polish Tatra MountainsTatra Glamp  

Right at the corner of the famously beautiful Tatra National Park, a posh camping site with majestic views awaits you. Glamping is a new trend of making camping comfier or even outright luxurious. Tatra Glamp belongs to this latter group, offering accommodation inside four spherical domes. Have you seen a chandelier in a tent before? These pretty white pods are furnished with plush and stylish items. There are more pillows on the bed than you could count, which is great as you have an unparalleled view from there on the eye-popping green forests and the Tatra Mountains. Kids have their secret little corner above the bedroom that they can access by climbing a ladder. The domes are fitted en-suite wooden bathrooms, air conditioners, electric heaters, and coffee makers too. Outside you'll find garden furniture made of wood in the perfectly cut grass.

Tatra Glamp is located in the charming village of Bukowina Tatrzańska, and it's surrounded by Zakopane-style architecture that's typical for Poland's highland region. Of course, strolling around the hand-carved wooden buildings is an experience in itself, but surely you are here to conquer the glorious peaks of the High Tatras!

Tatra Glamp White Pods
Tatra Glamp Pod Interior
Tatra Glamp Dome Interior
Tatra Glamp Ladder
Tatra Glamp Split Bathroom
Tatra Glamp Bathroom
Tatra Glamp Bedroom
Tatra Glamp Panorama Corner
Tatra Glamp Morning Coffee
Tatra Glamp Tent Luxurious Interior
Tatra Glamp Pillows
Tatra Glamp Happy Kid
Tatra Glamp Mezzanine Bed
Tatra Glamp Bedroom Panoramic View
Tatra Glamp View On The Tatra Mountains
Tatra Glamp Armchair
Słoneczna 8, 34-530 Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland