The Ark Kenya - Wildlife Spotting From Your Balcony In The Aberdare National ParkThe Ark  

First opened in 1969, the Ark Kenya offers guests a truly rare experience to observe wildlife since it is situated inside the Aberdare National Park. What distinguishes this gaming lodge from the competition is the conceptual reversal of safari tours and game drives. The hotel overlooks the Yasabara waterhole with saltlicks to attract local wildlife so they can be observed throughout the day from the comfort of the hotel.

Reminiscent of the biblical ark, the building has numerous decks, balconies, and lounges from which guests can watch the continuous comings and goings of animals around the waterhole. The floodlight also allows viewing throughout the night. Guests can observe the behaviors and individual personalities of the elephants, rhinoceroses, buffalo, monkeys, leopards, bushbucks, bongos, and a plethora of birds that frequent the site. The rare vantage point, especially in the bunker on the ground floor, provides excellent photo opportunities. There is also a warning system that alerts you to the arrival of animals of special interest.

The hotel provides 60 guestrooms with single, twin, double, and triple-bedded cabins that are comfortably furnished. All meals are prepared from fresh local ingredients and served in the main dining room, although you can enjoy cocktails in the lounge. The Ark Kenya offers a complete immersion into the African plains, even restricting vehicle access to protect the environment. The location ensures that you won’t miss a thing during your stay.

Type: Animal   Nature
Location: Nyeri  Kenya  Africa
The Ark Kenya panorama
The Ark Kenya with elephants in the waterhole
The Ark Kenya main entrance
The Ark Kenya lounge
The Ark Kenya hotel bar
The Ark Kenya dining room
The Ark Kenya dining room panorama in the evening
The Ark Kenya double room
The Ark Kenya twin room
The Ark Kenya game viewing room
The Ark Kenya animal spotting platform
The Ark Kenya elephants in the waterhole
The Ark Kenya forest views
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