The Cube Aletsch - Prefab Hut High Up In The Swiss Mountains Overlooking The Largest Alpine GlacierThe Cube  

The Cube Aletsch offers a one-off experience in so many ways. Located in a remote place 2,869 m (9,413 ft) above sea level in Switzerland, this double occupancy hideaway sits next to the largest glacier in the Alps.

The Aletsch Glacier is currently 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) long, but it's losing ice mass rapidly.

Since 1870 it has already retread by 3 kilometers (1.9 miles), and the melting pace has increased alarmingly. As a result, the gravest predictions foresee this vast glacier disappearing almost entirely by 2100.

Therefore you should consider booking Cube Aletsch's unique mini-mountain hut as soon as possible, especially because it's so popular that it has already sold out for this year (2023).

The cozy prefabricated mountain hut for two offers unlikely luxury at such an altitude. It has a bathroom with a shower, a sitting area with a table and chairs, and a pull-out sofa bed.

The kitchen has all the essential amenities: a fridge, a kettle, and a coffee maker. So you can enjoy the morning rays of sun on the terrace with a hot cup of coffee.

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A cable car will take you on a scenic ride to the top of Eggishorn mountain.

The Cube Aletsch

Some say Eggishorn offers one of the most outstanding panoramas in the entirety of the Alps.

It wouldn't be surprising as the Jungfrau-Aletsch mountain landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage area.

The Cube Aletsch Open Door To Its Terrace Overlooking The Glacier

The terminus building on the peak has an adjoining restaurant with a cozy wood and stone patio.

Horli-Hitta Restaurant At The Peak Of Eggishorn Mountain

However, Horli-Hitta's presence will not interfere with the privacy of your stay due to its limited opening hours.

The Cube Aletsch's Terrace
The Cube Aletsch Sunset Drink
The Cube Aletsch Mountain Hut

The Cube has a little terrace overlooking the mind-blowingly beautiful Aletsch Glacier along with the surrounding Alpine peaks, making it a perfect sunset spot to have a glass of wine.

The Cube Aletsch Dinner With A Panorama

Your hosts will pack some traditional Valais delicacies prepped by Alpenlodge Kühboden restaurant and a bottle of quality wine in a picnic basket that you will take up with you.

The Cube Aletsch Swiss Delicacies
The Cube Aletsch Hut

But the cherry on the cake is the hot tub barrel made by the Swiss manufacturer, i-POT.

The Cube Aletsch Hot Tub

Soaking at this altitude of the Alps with a panoramic view of one of the longest ice streams in Europe is something that will be engraved in your memory.

The Cube Aletsch i-POT Swiss-Made Jacuzzi
The Cube Aletsch Hot Tub Glacier View
The Cube Aletsch Hot Tub In The High Alps

The Great Aletsch Glacier's otherworldly look is a sight to behold.

Eggishorn Mountain Rocks

The glacier's 20 km (12 miles) length makes it the longest ice stream in the Alps.

Eggishorn Mountain Panorama - Romantic Setting

It weighs a whopping 10 billion tonnes, and at the thickest part located at Konkordiaplatz, it's 800 meters (2,625 feet) deep.

Eggishorn Mountain & Aletsch Glacier

When the night falls, the zero light pollution, high elevation, and crystal clear air give way to a spectacular sight.

The Cube Aletsch Starry Night Sky
Galaxies Above The Swiss Alps
Starry Sky In The Swiss Alps
Fiescheralp 14, 3984 Fiesch, Switzerland