The Fleming - Hong Kong's Most Stylish HotelThe Fleming  

Wan Chai, the busy and stylish commercial area of Hong Kong, has a new urban boutique hotel that will leave your mouth agape. The Fleming is the flagship of naval-themed hotels inspired by the city's rich heritage.

Hong Kong is home to the biggest number of skyscrapers of any city (nearly double as in New York City), but once it was the quiet backwater of rural houses and fishing communities.

Then the trade boom transformed the city-state into a commercial and financial hub that attracted masses of people. With 7.5 million residents, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

As a result, the city has one of the highest property prices and a highly competitive hotel scene fighting for the attention of business and leisure travelers.

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Located in Hong Kong's coolest district, famed for its nightlife, the newly opened Fleming Hotel lives up to its hype.

The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Building Facade & Sign


The boutique hotel's timeless style was inspired by Hong Kong's traditional cross-harbor ferries. The Star Ferry Company, founded in 1888, has a fleet of boats with the iconic green and white livery.

Star Ferry and Aqua Luna iconic Hong Kong boats

The other historical boat whose colors were used in the interiors of The Fleming is the glorious red sail Aqua Luna, a Chinese Junk operating in Victoria Harbour, named after the 19th-century Chinese pirate Cheung Po Tsai.

The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Ground Floor Windows

The Fleming's distinctive design becomes apparent from the moment you arrive. While many hotels in Hong Kong follow the minimalist less is more approach, things are refreshingly different here.

The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Reception and Lounge

Behind the reception deck is an array of red suede key holders reminiscent of traditional Chinese mailboxes.

Traditional Chinese Red Suede Key Holders

The perfectly symmetrical elevators showcase the signature design features of the hotel, resembling the colors and shapes of the Cross Harbour Ferry.

The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Perfectly Symmetrical Elevators

The striking red lacquer color of The Fleming's elevators represents good fortune.

Gleaming red lacquer color of The Fleming elevators

The ground floor's Osteria Marzia offers a high-class Italian culinary journey. It's also the venue for a complimentary breakfast buffet each morning.

Osteria Marzia is a charming, fresh and coastal Italian ristorante

Navy blue tiles and brass fittings complement the warmth of wooden surfaces.

Osteria Marzia live cooking

Osteria Marzia's bar has all the Italian classics like the Negroni, plus a range of quality wines.

The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Osteria Marzia Bar

Wandering the hotel's corridors with brass handrails and industrial lights makes you wonder if you are on the Titanic or still in Hong Kong.

The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Maritime Design Corridor

Every small detail counts. Luckily, The Fleming has spent an incredible amount of time completing the unique hotel experience, including even the key card readers on the door of your room.

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The Fleming Hotel has 66 stylish rooms in small, medium, large, and extra-large versions with nautical-themed furnishings.

The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Room

The hotel's perfectionist nautical design places it in a league of its own, with only a handful of international examples of similar theme, like The Jane Hotel in New York or the Argonaut in San Francisco.

The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Extra Large Room

Each room feels like being aboard a luxurious ocean cruiser from a century ago with rounded corners, industrial lighting, and quirky maritime decorations.

The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Working Desk
The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Shelves And Nautical-Theme Details
The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Twin Room

The Art Deco-styled bathrooms come with dark green tiles, brass fixtures, and a rainfall shower. A distinctive palette of bottle green with brushed brass design pay homage to the iconic Cross-Harbour Ferries.

The Fleming Hotel Hong Kong Bathroom

The bathrooms are equipped with the nicely smelling bespoke Shen Nong bathroom amenities.

Bespoke Shen Nong bathroom amenities
41 Fleming Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong