The Inn at Rodanthe aka Seredepity - From The Movie, Nights in RodantheThe Inn  
at Rodanthe

This rental property was built in the 1980s on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a 200-mile stretch of barrier islands off the coast of the North American mainland that have long been a kite-strewn holiday destination.

It was the location for a film called Nights in Rodanthe, where Richard Gere and Diane Lane played in a romantic melodrama. The film was so affecting that a group of fans campaigned to save the building when it was threatened with condemnation, and in 2010 it was bought and re-opened as a rental property.

The decoration has been painstakingly arranged to resemble the movie set with vintage wallpaper and original props such as mirrors and lamps to decorate the bedrooms. Even the swinging doors in the kitchen were replicated.

Why such a labor of love? Well, for the fans, the movie represents second chances, the mending of relationships, and the triumph of love. Indeed just as this structure was saved from destruction, perhaps the people who stay there can also find wholeness.

Type: Beach   Movie
Location: Rodanthe  USA  North America
The Inn at Rodanthe

The Inn at Rodanthe on the beach

Photo by Joyce Longobardi

The Inn at Rodanthe at night

The Inn at Rodanthe rooftop

The Inn at Rodanthe balconies

The Inn at Rodanthe dining room with Richard Gere

The Inn at Rodanthe kitchen with Diane Lane

Richard Gere and Diane Lane at the pier

Nights in Rodanthe movie poster

Rodanthe, North Carolina, USA